Former Protestant Loved Stumping Catholics with Bible Verses

Thinking “you have to be brain-dead to be a Catholic,” he loved stumping Catholics with zingers from the Bible. Often they seems speechless. Then he met a Catholic who stumped him. Trying to prove the Catholic wrong, in two years he became a Catholic. Now he is an apologist at Catholic answers.

That’s a great story. Bible? I always tell them the Catholic Mass is the Bible - in action. It’s not just going to church and getting a sermon, but participating in Christ’s action of 2000 years ago.

Great story. Thanks for sharing.


I hear they are still friends! :thumbsup:

It would be helpful if the reporter explained much, much more about what convinced this fellow to convert–beyond their debate about the semantic use of the title “father” and then briefly saying that the other topics debated “concerned statues, Mary, praying to dead folks, and the papacy.”

Well…what was it about those other topics that convinced him??!

I feel like the most important part of the article was left out.
I barely have a sense of what convinced this man to change his beliefs.


Those are all very interesting, important considerations! :thumbsup:

Surprised by Truth by Patrick Madrid contains Tim Staples’ conversion story which includes the topics that convinced him.

He explains it in his DVD called, “Jimmy Swaggart Made Me Catholic” which is available either through Catholic Answers or through Amazon. I still have the older CD set version of it.

Then you should read his book.
. Jimmy Swaggart Made Me Catholic

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Can you remember/explain what they discussed regarding “statues, Mary, praying to dead folks, and the papacy,” that steered him toward being Catholic??


Tim Staples does in his DVD “Jimmy Swaggert made me Catholic”. I have 2, if you like the dvd send me a pm, it is a really good dvd,

Tim started out very arrogant when he meets Matt, but after spending a year with him, Matt had Tim cornered.

Yes statues were mentioned. What Matt showed Tim, was when God asked the Jews to build the ark, there he asked for 2 cherubim’s. Those are angels, so God asked for 2 statues of angels.

All of those things are in the DVD.

If you like, check at the bottom of my post, there you will see all these answers questioned. I made a book with a lot of stuff that 1) Protestants argue, like Mary, statues, the pope, and 2) stuff that the church teaches and sometimes, even as Catholics we don’t know how to answer. Check it out.

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