Former Protestants, now Catholics

I was of the OSAS persuasion.
I had no idea any sin could actually seperate me from God.

The entire question;

Did you know before your conversion to the Catholic faith that there was such a thing as a sin that actually seperated you from God? (Mortal sin)

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No, such a concept didn’t occur to me. The churches I went to were Calvinistic so we were told that we were either one of God’s elect or not. So lets just: say some of us took it too far.:blush:

Raised and educated as a Catholic. Spent 18 years in the Protestant movement. I have now returned to the Catholic Church. It’s good to be home.:thumbsup:

Interesting question…

I am really curious.
I was told that because I said the “Salvation Prayer” that I was always saved - no matter what I did. I was really surprised when I found out about this thing in the Catholic faith called "mortal sin" :pshaw:

The coup de grâce? When I started learning a bit about Catholicism, it was because I figured “wait, I don’t need to be afraid, I can’t get drawn into something so bad that my soul would perish… because… I was/am SAVED already.” :cool:

Yes, I was scared of Catholicism. Somewhere along the line I had become convinced that The Holy Catholic Church was, well, downright scary.

Comments welcome.

God bless.

I can speak from a calvinist perspective, so yes, kind of OSAS, but not quite. Perseverance of the Saints is sort of a tautology - we know we’re saved because we persevere, and if we don’t persevere, we were never saved to begin with.

So from that perspective, yes, I suppose I did believe there was sin that could take me away from God - it would just reveal that I never belonged to God in the first place. Which is actually a horridly precarious place to live in.

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