Former Putin aide died of 'blunt force trauma' [CNN]


This didn’t happen in Russia or England, this happened right here in the US in DC.

Former Putin aide died of 'blunt force trauma’

(CNN)A former aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin died of blunt force injuries to the head, officials said Thursday.

Mikhail Lesin, 57, also sustained injuries to his neck, torso, arms and legs, a statement from Washington D.C.'s Medical Examiner’s Office said.

Dustin Sternbeck, the D.C. police department’s chief spokesman, told the Washington Post that the case remains under investigation.

He would not say whether the medical examiner’s ruling means a crime may have been committed.

“We’re not willing to close off anything at this point,” Sternbeck said.

In a mystery that sounds plucked from a cold war spy novel, Lesin was found dead inside a Washington, D.C. hotel room in November last year.

I remember this story about one of the founders of RT from last November. So, it took 3 or 4 months to finally issue the report apparently.

What is interesting about this, is the man was a billionaire but this Washington DC hotel where he was found dead alone was not a 5 star hotel, not a bad one either. Perhaps it would be something along the lines of an Embassy Suites or of that caliber.


The man was found in a room with a smashed head and injuries to his neck, body and limbs, and they aren’t sure if a crime was committed??

This sounds like one of those “shot oneself in the head three times” reports from the 20th century.



Was there a three-round burst feature on guns back then? If so…


If the KGB was involved, Im sure they have enough experience to fool a ME office into thinking it could have been accidental. Why would a former aide be a billionaire though?


If the KGB was involved they would need to be using time machines and although both the US and USSR made plenty of scientific breakthroughs in the Cold War era I don’t either broke the time barrier.


The New York Times on March 11 quoted an unidentified official as saying that the injuries to his neck, torso, arms, and legs were the result of what the paper described as “some sort of altercation” that occurred before he returned to his hotel room.

There were no obvious signs of foul play in the room, but surveillance video showed that Lesin appeared “disheveled” upon his return to the hotel, the Times quoted a law enforcement official as saying.

The Dupont Circle hotel is very nice but perhaps not 5 star.

Excerpting the above, it does not appear that the altercation happened in his room.


They’re called SVR now but it’s six of one, half dozen of the other.

Seriously though, if the KGB/SVR can bully our legal investigators in America, then we lost it a long time ago.



*While initial reports following Lesin’s death in DC’s Dupont Hotel on November 5, 2015 indicated that a heart attack had been to blame, no conclusive official forensic data has been released until now.

Meanwhile, Moscow said it is now expecting Washington to explain why Russia has not received any details from the probe into Lesin’s death, despite repeated requests.

“The Russian Embassy to the United States has repeatedly sent through diplomatic channels inquiries about the progress of investigation into the death of Russia’s citizen. The US side has not provided to us any substantive information,” Zakharova said.

William Jones, the Washington Bureau Chief for the Executive Intelligence Review, told RT that the Western media would inevitably exploit the former Russian minister’s death to try and implicate Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government, which he believes is a “false lead.”

However, “the media, of course, is going out after the Russian government, going after Vladimir Putin. This is their favorite target, this is the obvious thing that they would do and this is probably a false lead in terms of what actually happened to Mr. Lesin,” Jones said.*


SVR is rather droll, I thought GRU was the one with agents working abroad.


Not sure what’s funny about SVR but the GRU was the military Intel. Comparable to our DIA, IMS.


Dead ex-Russian press minister may have been attacked outside hotel: Source

Just looking at this story and I’ve read a few articles, so far from what we know, Lesin happened to be drinking “heavily” in the days before his death, what may have happened is he went out of the hotel to buy some liquor and as the headline above says, “may have been attacked outside hotel”. He should have gone to the front desk, security immediately after coming back to the hotel but he goes up to his room? This is getting interesting.


GRU is more international, KGB was more internal.


Putin’s thugs weren’t that subtle when they assassinated Alexander Litvinenko with polonium-210.


Probably because they didn’t do that either.

The SS agencies of both countries, where the Russians were murdered, have also been implemented - needless to say it is not reported in their respective MSM outlets.


I remember watching a news piece on that apartment bombing and the detective investigating suspected Putin had a part in this, he was immediately fired and told “when it comes to crimes involving the president of Russia, they are NOT pursued”.

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