Former reporter alleges for first time that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her decades ago



Per following info at link, she is one of Donald Trump’s guests to the debate:


Pleeeeeez. Is this forum going to be turned into 'the supermarket tabloid" forum?

Just remove Bill from the title and you get the he’s bad so she’s bad deal.

World news? At this coincidental time/timing?

Exit, stage right,



Well, the enabler-in-chief wants to become President and bring Bill back to the White House to run the economy … her words.

Bill likes to take credit for high economic growth … but in fact, he took credit for the reduction of the military budget … the so-called peace budget … after the end of the Cold War.

But you can only milk that one time.

And Bill already did that.

Hillary stated that she will tax the employers … to create more employment.

Anyway, she wants Bill back in the White House.


The problem is, Bill isn’t running for president, Donald is, and there are 9 pending allegations for his own sexual dalliances.

Donald lost the election about mid day on Oct 7, and sealed his fate by failure to adequately address the tape with real contrition.



But you’re assuming the majority of American voters will think boorish talk is a more serious problem in a candidate than arming and supporting terrorists, inviting open borders so Wall Streeters can keep wages low, and trying to force the Catholic Church and Evangelicals to “change their religion”.

One would hope better of the voting public than that. But I guess we’ll see.


I heard her speak on Hannity today. She was 19-20 at the time. She quit her job a few weeks after the last “encounter” with Bill. He was governor at the time.


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