FORMER School Committee Member Threatens to Sue Over Chrous Performing At Curch


A FORMER School Committee member threatens to sue the Groton-Dunstable (Mass.) School District if the high school chorus is allowed to perform at St. Anthony’s Basilica in Italy on Easter Sunday - claiming that it violates “separation of church and state.”



This is insane. If a parent doesn’t want their child to participate, the child can stay at home or stay in the hotel. I’m sure the school would have been willing to provide an alternative function for those who were not allowed or didn’t wish to go to the Basilica.

But it’s shameful that apparently, they have performed at other Churches, but now someone complains.

Why punish those who want to go?

It’s not like the school is saying “you must become Catholic to attend.” It’s a sad state we live in when the School District (who thinks thinks they would win a court case) gives in because they know the cost of fighting the lawsuit would be too high.

We really need judicial reform. When someone brings such bullying civil suits, the plaintiff should be forced to pay the legal fees should they lose. It would make people think twice about filing such lawsuits.


I have never thought that the constitution said anything about separation of church and state. It says that there will be no establishment of religion. If one recalls, there are countries that have a state church i.e. England. I cannot in my wildest imagination think that performing in a church is doing that. Our litigous society has gotten totally out of hand.


The constitution doesn’t say anything about the separation of church and state. The phrase comes from a single letter from Thomas Jefferson to one of his friends. It has been blown wildly out of proportion by our secular society, and is now used as a cudgel instead of a safeguard.


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