Former Scientologist Recounts Imprisoning Atmosphere at IntBase

“Within that Hemet compound, they work 100 hour weeks, seven days a week. They have no breaks. They have no vacations of any kind. They work around the clock. They have no private time. They’re paid around 40 cents an hour and they’re subjected to all kinds of punishments and abuse. If they do things that are wrong or if they don’t toe the line, they have to run around the buildings, sometimes for miles in their street shoes, they get thrown in the lake out there which is pretty cold this time of year. And, if they refuse to come around and toe the line and be good members, they can go to these rehabilitation camps that they have in Los Angeles and in Clearwater which are virtual prisons and people have been there for years. They don’t go outside. They don’t see anybody. They are paid maybe 10 cents an hour for hard manual labor. They make furniture for the churches.”

“They spend part of their time studying Scientology and the rest of the time doing physical labor. They’re not allowed to contact anyone outside of the rehabilitation project force, they’re virtual prisoners. They stay in dormitories, 30, 40 people to a room, with one bathroom. I’ve been down there. I was actually assigned to the R.P.F. for one day. Then, they said it was a mistake,” said Hawkins.

I’ve always felt that Scientology was evil. As more and more comes out about it we see that it is worse than anybody expected. It should be shut down if they are keeping people as slaves.

There not evil; they’re just very, very misguided. :nope:

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

This is typical of many cults. Break the person down to be more open to their message.

I think they are, with out a doubt, evil. There are numerious claims of forced abortions, beatings and seperating people from their famalies. I mean, I think TC and Travolta are just clowns who have been brainwashed and will go along with what ever nonsense they’re told; but the people on the top of this cult are evil.

Hubbard was a Satanist according to his son and admired Allestar Crowly.

The link in the first post was to the sixth episode of an ongoing news investigation.

Here are the addresses of earlier and later episodes:

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I disagree. I don’t see it as evil; I see it as I see any other religion: insanity. :ehh: Uh… no offence. :o It’s just my two cents. :blush: :twocents:

Ironically Yours. :heart:

I think Scientology is a sad joke, but I think people should also be wary of the potential for exagerration in reports like this. Think how bad a reporter could make a holy Benedictine Monastery sound if they tried:

The men aren’t allowed any possessions of their own, just a change or clothes, a bucket, toiletries and books. They sleep in large dormitories without any comfortable furniture and must take part in prayer liturgy multiple times a day (including one in the middle of the night). They receive no vacation time, are not paid for any of their labors, and are periodically reassigned to a new monastery location without the ability to refuse (having taken a vow of obedience to their superiors).

Clearly such exploitation must be stopped! :wink:

In the end, the only clear standard is whether people are held against their wills. THAT is the line they can’t cross.

I pray that you REALLY are trying to be ironic.If you’re not I suggest you change your salutation.
I hate to imagine what qualifies as evil under your reasoning.Evil at its core is mundane and banal.

This behaviour also sounds as illegal as hell.Would your suggested defense be "Sorry,I guess I was misguided?"Sounds similar to the defense some German war criminals tried to employ much to their eventual chagrin.

Scientology is an evil cult.Germany has banned it outright for that reason.

:confused: I actually found this site in an effort to explore the claim by Scientology that it is “compatible” with Christianity. Needless to say, I have found more evidence to the contrary.

What baffles me further is that, in addition to the satanism/Crawley (apt name, no?) claims , there are multiple public records of L Ron Hubbard’s criminal behaviour; check fraud, theft, battery, as well as claims of schizophrenia, venereal disease, drug abuse, pathological lying, etc… and yet there is ANYONE who can still bring themselves to “follow” this “religion?” Clearly this is a mentally ill person–there is even a copy of a letter that he reportedly sent as a veteran to the US Government pleading for outpatient mental health treatment (which, surprise, was obviously denied)-- before all the Dianetics/Scientology horsecrap took hold. And although it is difficult to rationalize his acts, he obviously is to be pitied. All the money in the world wouldn’t be able to buy him a fix, so he had to reorder the world around him to make it allright. a mighty task. Some say he actually believed himself to sit in the “throne of the beast,” he had become the devil himself. (so as for being just misguided, I fear it is far worse than that…)

But as for the “church” as it is today, I can only feel anger and fear. The policies, which it upholds currently are ones that perpetuate intolerance and hate… of anyone who dares to question them. One of the most alarming of its policies is one called “Fair Game” that basically allows them to launch a hate campaign against anyone they view as an ememy (and that can literally be anyone, based on more of their nebulous policies) with the ultimate goal of complete financial spiritual and physical obliteration of their target. If one is a believer of the Christian message, then it is very hard to assimilate this idea of retribution into his/her everyday life.

I think it is good that people are willing to produce these expose-style reports on this organization, however one-sided they maybe. I would argue it is all in the spirit of “Fair Game.” And at their best, we can hope that from all these different perspectives, we can arrive somewhere in the middle, to the truth. But as for what I have seen so far, it appears that Scientology is simply an extension of Hubbard’s illness and/or is brilliant marketing. What it certainly is not is a compliment to any faith upheld by decent people, concerned with compassion and dignity, Christian or otherwise… and the faithful should be insulted that it tries to insidiously align itself this way…

after all, some Sceintology lore states that Jesus is an illusion created by the evil aliens to control our minds… cripes!:confused:

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