Former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort found guilty of bank and tax fraud



Manafort and Coen in one day.

Waiting for that Twitter rant.


He’s got a rally tonight.

A rally.




…The former campaign chairman for President Donald Trump is due back in court in Washington next month for a second trial centered on allegations of lying to the FBI, money laundering and foreign lobbying.

This time prosecutors say they have even more evidence – more than double the amount they showed jurors in Virginia.

In a court filing Thursday, Manafort’s attorney said special counsel Robert Mueller’s office has supplied “well over 1,000” exhibits for the trial. In the Virginia case, his office had about 400 exhibits.

The trial is set to begin in front of U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson on Sept. 17. …


“Only the best people”: Omarosa, Paul Manafort, and Michael Cohen.


Nope, not a witch hunt!

Two trials have come to a conclusion in Alexandria.

One found former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort guilty of eight charges of tax and bank fraud, which could put him in prison for up to 80 years. The other was a verdict on the credibility and professionalism of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III.


What does this have to do with Russian collusion in 2016? The definition of a witch hunt is 1. * a campaign directed against a person or group holding unorthodox or unpopular views.

Translate witch hunt to Trump – but where is Russia?? Where is Trump in all this in terms of collusion? This is what we have after 2 years of Mueller’s investigation. We knew Trump had his share of seedy connections decades ago. Trump fired Manafort because he was too seedy, a liability. I am not defending Cohen or Manafort but I think they are clearly victims of a witch hunt.


It was never about Russia. It was, and is, about reversing the 2016 election and removing Trump from office. Trump dared to threaten draining the swamp, and the swamp is biting back. There’s a lot of money in being a swamp creature, and they’re not about to let go of it. Just consider that Comey worked for the DOJ, then he went to Lockheed Martin. LH paid him six million in just one year plus millions in stock options while Mueller (then head of the FBI) was awarding no-bid contracts worth a billion and more to Lockheed Martin. Then, when Comey went to the FBI, Mueller made 3.3 million providing services to the FBI.

And that doesn’t count the millions paid to the Clintons and their associates.

Lots of gold in the swamp.

I’m not sure it’s even quite political on Mueller’s part. But the Dems think they have a winner with impeaching Trump, so they’ll support Mueller with everything they’ve got.

The people won in 2016, but the “never Trump” folks will try to take it away from them

Why the surveillance memo matters

Absolutely correct and accurate.


And a shame, given what we learned during the 2016 election; that we’re “bitter clingers to our bibles and guns”; that we’re “deplorables” and “irredeemables” and that our Church is “backward” and “medieval” and is being undercut by the DNC through its support of dissident organizations.

I believe we’ll be in a heap of trouble if they get rid of Trump, pardner. A heap of trouble.


Well, YOU brought it up:


Would you care to back up this allegation? (Perhaps put this in the queue with the $60million).


Wow. I suspected something like this, but did not know the particulars


I agree, that we will.


Yep. And Manafort and Cohen tried to get their hands on as much of it as humanly possible.


Already did.


No question about it. But they were on the wrong side of the political aspect of it, by taking the side of the guy who wanted to drain it.


I’d say they were on the wrong side of it because they broke the law by committing tax fraud and bank fraud. But that’s just me.


Might be right. Of course a lot of other people did that and got off because they fingered the ones who were Trump campaign supporters. The only ones really getting punished are those who aided Trump in his campaign. The objective is to force some of them to commit perjury against Trump. And possibly one or two will do just that. Seems like maybe Cohen already has, though I’m not entirely certain of it.


To make that claim, you’d have to go through all the cases in the Southern District of New York and show that Michael Cohen (and any other people who helped the Trump campaign) are the only ones being prosecuted and punished for bank fraud and tax evasion.

Go for it.

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