Former Virginia governor found guilty in influence-peddling case


A former rising star in the Republican Party, former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell was red-faced and sobbing Thursday after a jury convicted him and his wife on multiple counts related to influence-peddling while he was in office.

After more than a month of sometimes soul-baring testimony, the federal jury issued guilty verdicts on 11 counts against McDonnell, while clearing him on two others. His wife, Maureen, was convicted on nine while cleared on four.

The charges involved gifts the couple received from a businessman, including a Rolex watch, a $15,000 check for their daughter’s wedding and other items that are legal under Virginia law. Prosecutors had to prove such gifts were accepted with corrupt intent.

The evidence against them was overwhelming and it is good to see that the case was successfully prosecuted.




Agreed! :slight_smile:


I wonder if he now regrets turning down the one-count plea bargain they offered him a few months ago.


No doubt about that.


It’s funny how liberals revel in this, but weren’t as excited over Eliot Spitzer.

I think what really matters to them isn’t justice, but political gain.

The gay “marriage” movement, single women and minorities would be wise to take notice of such behavior.



I guess that depends on the outcome of the sentence. It does not bode well for him.


Elliot Spitzer didn’t sell the office of the Governor for a Rolex.



No matter how the sentencing goes, he’s lost a lot. It must have been very painful for his family to see their dirty linen exhibited like this. And he’s facing the probability of jail time, which, I believe he would not if he had taken the deal.

The plea bargain would have dropped all charges against his wife; I wonder if that was the sticking point for him.



This comment is funny because I think it means I’ve taken the wind out of the celebration.

:dancing: :getholy:


Actually, Spitzer faced a great deal media excoriation than I heard for McDonnell.


Second that! A rare breath of fresh air!


Why the need to turn this into a partisan topic? The former governor of Virginia abused his office for personal gain. I don’t care what political party the abuser is a member of. Bad behavior is bad behavior. Period.


=Mulligan2;12312414]Why the need to turn this into a partisan topic?

Oh, come ON!

It’s sooooooooooooo obvious what is going on here! :wink: yup:

And this was partisan before I even showed up! :yup:

All the liberals run and cheer over this. :yyeess:


The former governor of Virginia abused his office for personal gain. I don’t care what political party the abuser is a member of. Bad behavior is bad behavior. Period.


Yeah, I’d love to see the left come about from making excuses for Obama, Biden, Clinton and Reid and apply the same principles to them as to they do with GOP governors and the TEA PARTY.

Of course, government corruption is* never* good. The sin of scandal is severely underrated.


I think people like you quickly point the finger at the left whenever somebody in the right does something wrong, almost childlike. If the guys in the left then don’t do it two wrongs does not equal a right. Trust me the left will have their skeletons taken out of the closet soon.

I have seen that people always come in the aide of republicans ASAP here. Always saying well, it’s the lefts fault. Never is it the rights fault. The only time I have seen people here who are super right, is when those people are for some immigration reform.


This is curious…I always assumed influence peddling was commonplace in most state/ fed govts…sounds like they were trying anything they could use to get at this guy, but Id bet the real issue was not the influence peddling, he probably upset or offended the wrong person somewhere along the line.


Maybe. It is odd for a plea bargain to affect charges against another.





Did he toss the strong family values under the bus before or after his wife? What he did to her made me sick.


Is there really any evidence that conservatives are more interested in justice over political gain?

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