Formula for peace


1)*** Surrender ***our will to God in all matters of our life. We should do this because He is our Father who is infinite in wisdom and love. He demonstrated His love for us when He came as our Redeemer and sacrificed His life so that we (who betrayed Him and were unfaithful to Him) may have His life. We can surrender our will to Him by doing what we think is according to His will; and in our heart be willing to accept whatever result He gives us. This frees us of anxiety and selfishness.

  1. Sacrifice our own interest in the process of serving others. This will enable us to love our enemies; treat all human beings as equal, irrespective of their status in life or developmental stage; unconditionally forgive others; and stay faithful to our covenant even when there is betrayal and unfaithfulness.

3)*** Serve others*selflessly and seek no reward for acts of love. Furthermore we should consider the opportunity to serve others as an honor and a gift from God.

We must do the following to achieve the above mentioned goals

  1.  Develop intense love for God through prayers; meditation on Jesus’ sacrifice and unconditional forgiveness; scripture reading; confession of our sins; and frequent participating in the Jesus’ sacrificial meal.  Furthermore, we must try to be like Jesus in our thoughts, words and actions.
  2.  Remove all distractions from our life, so that we can hear God’s voice in the silence of our heart.  


Although I admire the effort to come up with any formula for Harmony (not merely peace), I have to point out when each effort is not exactly on target (sinful).

The problem that I see with your formula is that even though I completely agree with what it says when I interpret those words, I know with a great deal of experience, that a great many people (perhaps even you) will misunderstand what those words really mean.

Thus you must include in your formula something that more certainly informs the user of exactly what is intended by the rest of the formula. Leaving that out will result in achieving exactly what you already see going on all around you.

The misunderstanding of the intended meanings of Scriptures is really the ONLY cause of descension. If “evil men” understood, they wouldn’t be evil.


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