Fort Carson troops will soon deploy, 'supporting Ukraine'


So the United States intends to start a shooting war with Russia.

I suspect this is why Chuck Hagel quit, which indicates he was the only individual with any decency or sanity in the Obama administration.

Fort Carson’s 4th Infantry Division will lead an American effort to bolster European allies and deter Russian aggression, the Pentagon announced Wednesday.

The post just got a team of soldiers back from Germany where they led a NATO exercise, but the new mission is wider and will last longer.

“This is not going to be a three-week or a month deployment,” said a source at the post familiar with the new mission.

The Army hasn’t said how long the division troops will be overseas, leaving the deployment indefinite.

U.S. European Command said that a 100-soldier team from the 16,000-soldier division will head to Europe in early 2015 to lead ground forces in “Operation Atlantic

“Operation Atlantic Resolve is a continued demonstration of the United States’commitment to the collective security of our NATO allies and support for our partners in Europe, in light of the ongoing
Russian intervention in Ukraine,” European Command said in a news release. “The operation will remain in place as long as required to reassure our allies.”


Should there not be a referendum on whether the world wants another big war?


Yes, there definitely should be. As far as I can see this is proof positive that the United Nations truly is just a tool of US foreign policy. It also lends more than a little credence to the widespread belief that N-A-T-O equals N-A-Z-I for all intents and purposes. I wonder if the WWII generations had a similar front row seat to WWII unfolding before their startled eyes?


It’s just sabre rattling and not even much of that. NATO knows that Russia has alot more resolve than they do when it comes to dealing with problems on there doorstep.


If the UN is really a tool of US foreign policy then why didn’t they support Pres. Bush’s war of Iraq 10 years ago?




How does this lend “more than a little credence” to the apparent widespread belief that NATO equals Nazi? As for the WW2 generation, I’m pretty sure they’d be looking at the news and saying “hey, Russia is doing to Ukraine just what Germany did to Czechoslovakia” and not "oh look NATO equal Nazi because I don’t like what it is doing and it starts off with “NA.”


I know there’s been a tremendous amount of debate on the whole issue of Ukranian neo-Nazis, and I realize that it’s a very divisive and inflammatory subject, but to me it seems clear that the US helped install a government with blatant neo-fascist leanings. There are plenty of people who would go even further than me, of course. The NATO and NAZI comparisons always used to seem questionable to me, but when they openly lend their blessings and support to Ukraine’s new government what can one say? NATO is being extremely aggressive toward Russia with their ever encroaching military presence, added to the United States ever encroaching military bases surrounding Russia. We, the West, are needling Russia and forcing their hand, and when they predictably respond our news stations frame the situation by saying that Russia is the aggressor. it’s plain to see what is really going on, and it’s sickening. It would be exactly as if Russia opened 15 military bases on the Mexican border, 15 bases on the Canadian border, 5 bases in the Caribbean islands and then installed a neo-Alaskan government to declare independence and break away from the US, all the while airing endless television news programs which loudly and belligerently screamed that the US was hostile for no reason whatsoever!


And how would such a referendum be conducted? Do you propose polling the whole world’s population or conducting an election to pose the question?




Starting a war with Russia is pure crazy. It’s one of the most stupid things America can possibly do.


Sure. Of course we’ll just have to ignore the fact that instead of installing the “legitimate” government of Ukraine in the Crimea and declaring the Crimea to be the real Ukraine Russia went ahead and didn’t do this and instead absorbed Crimea into Russia with designs on eastern Ukraine. But hey, why let what actually happened and the real fear of the various states that lived for several decades under the boot heel of Russia get in the way of a good “the US is bad” narrative.

I just love how the “the Ukrainians are a bunch of neo-Nazi” crowd seems to selectively ignore the fact that of the two sides in this- Ukraine and Russia- Russia is the one that acting like 1930’s Era “we just want the Sudetenland and we’ll be nice” Germany. That’s right next to my love of how the only reason anyone could possibly object to Russia’s actions is because of course they hate/jealous of Russia.


Are we out of our ever-loving minds?


Good grief next week they’ll be trying to explain to us why we got to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here? Now why does that argument sound familiar…


And Ukraine is going to attack Russia? Is that what people think troops are there for?

**Pro-EU parties edge Pro-Russian parties in voting in Moldova **

However, residents of the Russian-backed breakaway region of Trans-Dniester are not taking part in the election.


So you are saying the troops are there to attack Russia? :confused:

And Moldova has their breakaway pro-Russian region too.

Guess this is more of the “West” needling Russia! :rotfl:

Let’s see, USA has not controlled Mexico, Caribbean islands.

Let’s see, USSR controlled all of those countries that use to be a part of it, Belarus and so on, Iron Curtain countries had Soviet domination too, Czech Republic, Romania, East Germany and so on.

Great analogies! :thumbsup:


So Ukraine is going to use these troops to attack Russia? :rotfl:


I’m glad the troops are there and NATO are to support Ukraine against a power where 40,000,000 perished under the USSR and a power that shot down an airliner full of children and women.

Russia is on a demographic course to become a Muslim-majority nation and they are attacking a Sovereign Christian nation.


Read for yourself, the Neo-Nazi spiel is really just propaganda, no problem with the Russians and Neo-Nazi Hungarians getting together.

Ditto for a Putin aide visiting so-called Neo-Nazis in Romania. All of that has been in the news. It really shows what is said about Ukraine is Russian-styled Soviet propaganda.


Yes ALL 100 of them! the end is near!:eek::rotfl:

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