Fort Ross Bicentennial 2012

A number of excellent slide shows are up from the Fort Ross Bicentennial 2012. I’m enjoying them since during the historic Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, ROCOR, OCA, MP, all we could see were a bunch of heads, and the tops of the ripidion, and tips of the trikiri & dikiri, which made me think this must have been part of their origins-- let the people know where the bishop or other heirarchs are when you can’t see or hear a thing in the sea of people. :smiley:

The Holy Virgin Cathedral of SF has posted a number of wonderful photos.

There were two processions you can see in these two sets of pictures. The first was when we processed around the outside of the stockade and each of the four sides was blessed.

After that was the procession on the trail out towards the ocean and back inland, and finally up to the cemetery. I’ve just uploaded photos of the three new informational plaques that were installed in the cemetery.

The OCA site has just linked to another slide show. In slides 5 and 6 you can see Met Gerasimos, Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco. I was very delighted when I notices him walking across the field towards the “Holy Place” after Liturgy had begun. It looks to me like Bishop Benjamin (OCA) SF he’s walking with in those two shots.

Slide 12 is Fr Stephan Meholick of St Nicholas OCA parish,. I imagine that is his set of portable bells, along with the single large bell that is permanently at Ft Ross. He and Fr. Lawrence of St. Seraphim’s parish in Santa Rosa are wonderful bell ringers and provided plenty of ringing. When not on the bells during the Liturgy they were in the choir where I know Fr Stephan prefers to be and I suspect Fr Lawrence does also.

St. Seraphim’s parish has posted an really excellent slideshow. Fr Lawrence in slides 2,3,39,44 Fr Stephan slide 9,41,65. Met Gerasimos in 52,54 and 61

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