Fortified Milk and Iced Tea on Ash Wednesday/Good Friday

I really should know the answer to this but I can’t seem to track it down.

I know ordinary milk does not count as a snack/collution. What about Smart Balance milk, which has been fortified with vitamins and fish oil? (My lipids were a little high with last year so I have a legitimate medical reason to take the fish oil, but what about those who are blessed not to have such a concern?)

Also, what about iced tea? I have heard some say that only “clear” liquids don’t count as part of the collution. That would seem to exclude both tea AND milk which is allowed (I think?)

I’ve never read or heard anything that stated only clear liquids are to be allowed on the fast days of Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. I’ve only ever seen that beverages that can be considered to be food (such as a milkshake, a smoothie, or other similar drinks) are in violation of the requirement to fast. Iced tea, milk, coffee, and the like are not considered food, and therefor do not break the fast.

The strict fast of Eastern Catholics and Orthodox also include fasting from fish and dairy. Now, Roman Catholics can follow that rule if they want, but its not taught anywhere in the West that those foods are to be avoided during these two days of strict fast.

If you have medical issues, then the Church will not forbid you to have anything you need.

I have to jump in. When I read the title - Fortified Milk and Iced Tea on Ash Wednesday/Good Friday - my first thought was, “Why would anyone think it would be okay to mix booze in with their milk or other cold beverage on AW or GF?” :rotfl:

Happy Easter, y’all.

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