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I make it a point not to read fortune cookies…not b/c I think they’re inherently sinful but b/c I am scrupulous and I am afraid that I will think of the fortune in a way that will be sinful. So I avoid putting myself in that situation. My husband had brought home a fortune cookie last week from a Chinese meal he ate. It has just been laying on the table until just a little bit ago when my 20-year-old son ate it. He put the fortune in front of me and said, “Here, read it.” I said “no” a couple of times, but he insisted. I thought maybe he wanted me to read it b/c he thought it applied to him. So I looked at it quickly and only read one word–“energy”. I immediately got scared by that b/c my mind associated that word with “evil”–as in something New Age. I also thought maybe the word might apply to my son b/c he is always working out and has a lot of energy. All of these thoughts occurred within seconds. Then my son said something which he probably thought was funny/teasing, but actually bordered on the cruel side and scared me. I threw the fortune away, but I can’t help but think I’ve put my faith in superstition and now I’ve mortally sinned. Let me reiterate, I don’t think it’s a sin to read a fortune cookie if you just “blow it off” as something silly. But I am afraid that my mind has a hard time “blowing things off”. Does this sound like mortal sin?


No, it doesn’t even sound like a venial sin.
God Bless:)


You’re just overthinking it, silly. :rolleyes:
Don’t worry about that cookie nonsense. You’ve already written the solution yourself, shrug it off :shrug:


You’ve already resolved the issue by recognizing you are scrupulous and your mind over thinks things. If you know this, don’t you think God knows and understand this as well? God is just and merciful. Be at peace in that : )


Fortune Cookies are gag gifts. Don’t sweat it.

And as far as being exposed to something. “New Agey” how do you think Catholic apologists and priest know about that stuff and how to evangelize it? By reading their materials! So gaining knowledge is never bad, it’s just implementation in your life that you can sin.


No, it sounds a little silly though. What could energy possibly have to do with sin? Think about it! God created energy too. And even people who believe in seeing fortune tellers don’t believe in fortune cookies! You sound more than just a little bit scrupulous. Good luck!:thumbsup:


Dearest Valerie, You know this is you being scrupulous. You know you need to take all of this to your confessor.

First, Fortune Cookies are not even fortunes. They are often simply statements - not predictions of the future.

You need to discuss with your confessor that you have this “fear” of fortune cookies. Speak to him about your “fear” of the word “energy” being connected to evil.

Your son probably gets tired of hearing your scrupulous fears and simply spoke something acceptable - but your scrupulous makes you unable to hear it.

Even if your scrupulous thoughts cause you to be worried about non-existent sin, to family members and friends who have to deal with a person who is scrupulous - it can be too much for them to have to bear.

Your priest and a professional in behavior healthy can help you, so that your family members are not affected as much needing to watch what they say.


They’re like personality test results. Vague and kitschy enough to apply to anyone.


(Veronica - sorry about my miscalling you Valerie. I never get my kids’ names correct either. :))


No Veronica, this does not sound like sin, mortal or venial. Please do see a mental health provider to help free you from your unfounded fears. Jesus, May Veronica learn to trust in You and Your mercy!


Thank you. I guess I knew I was being scrupulous. I even had the thought before I posted that I might be causing scandal for people reading this…that others might think Catholics are scrupulous and might not want to become Catholic b/c of people like me. Still, I couldn’t resist posting it b/c of my worry. I didn’t post what my son said b/c I didn’t want to commit detraction. He was teasing me, saying I was going to go to Hell now that I had read the fortune cookie (which he insisted that I read). He probably is sick of my scrupulosity and probably thought he was being funny…but it’s not funny to someone who is scrupulous. Have I committed the sin of scandal by posting so many scrupulous things?


May God bless you dear sweet Veronica.

You can see its the horrible cycle of OCD / scrupulosity spinning over and over for you.

I’m sure your scrupulosity does affect your son.

When you speak with your health care professional, let them know that you want to be helped for yourself and so your obsessions are not a problem for your family - meaning they have to change what they really want to say - to “protect” your obsessive fears.

Its a hard road to travel with OCD, but a therapist can walk you through how to change your thoughts and how to sit with your thoughts without the pains and without running to the computer to get a moments comfort from others… that then needs another comfort in a few minutes.

God bless you.


Of course not Veronica. You suffer from this malady not by choice. We all need help at times and who better to share it with?


Yes, perhaps it’s best that you seek help from a priest and if you and he both agree, then perhaps trying a therapist to help you.

You’re not in sin for the cookie or for this topic.

It may have been cruel for your son to act out that way, but does your scrupulosity, which is not your fault, affect him in a way that he feels the need to lash out at you? These are the sorts of reasons you may want to consider (if you haven’t already) speaking with a priest and a therapist (the deacon at my local church growing up was a therapist, for example!)

Good luck, God bless you!


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