Fortune tellers and animal sacrifice?

So i have been listening to some videos on youtube about priests who are exorcists and there seems to be a common theme about opening gateways to demons.

It made me remember some things that happened 6-7 years ago. My cousin apparently new someone at his workplace who was a ‘fortune teller’ and a bunch of my family members actually consulted with this person on a few occasions. From my immediate family i know for sure my brother did and im certain my mother did also.

Anyways one thing that I remembered was that this fortune teller claimed that someone had put a curse on my brother and to remove it they did some sort of ritual in our backyard that involved killing a chicken. I wasnt there when this happened because I was at work but i recalled that it was done because my family were talking about having it done before the fact.

I never actually knew that they went through with it cos I always thought it was just a load of **** and thought that they didnt really take it seriously. I only found out when my sister mentioned it maybe a year ago when we were talking about paranormal stuff. My sister was home but she didnt participate cos it scared her so she stayed in her room, and when i asked her some details about it recently she gets all upset and doesnt want to talk about it.

I also remembered a couple of years ago that my brother mentioned some things the fortune teller said and they seemed to come true. example

When my brother asked if he will ever ‘find the one’ the fortune teller said he would but there would be major problems…the major problem was that she was muslim and my brother converted which upset my parents a lot and caused friction between my sister and my brother.

The woman also said to him for some reason that whoever my sister ends up with she is going to feel lonely. Anyways fast forward to now my family is upset that my sister and brother dont talk to each other anymore because of some hurtful things she said to him as I detailed in a previous thread

My sister doesnt really talk to us as much any more and mainly is more tight with her husbands family more than us. Only one she really talks to in our family is me and I could tell that on her wedding day and leading up to her wedding she wasnt as happy of a bride because our parents were upset about the friction between her and our brother.

Any who back on the whole fortune teller and chicken sacrifice stuff. How worried should we be cos this is really freaking me out now. Has anyone ever had dealings with this supernatural stuff? Do you believe this fortune teller and curse business or is this just some conwoman giving vague ‘predictions’ that are easy to come true depending how its interpreted.

Can anything be done or should anything be done? Could it affect me in extension somehow?

Fortune tellers and animal sacrifice is definitely part of the occult.

Please confess to your Priest even though you did not participate, those close to you did participate. If you watched Fr Gary Thomas on the videos you mentioned you would have heard him talk about ‘third party’ collaterals. Two of the women he sees grew up in a satanic cult movement. One guy he exorcised had family members who dabbled in the occult.

Demons who enter via these ‘doorways’ do not only affect the persons involved, it can wreak havoc in entire households and extended families, even generations later.

yeah over the past two years its like our family has imploded. I hope and pray we can be all cool with each other again

also yeah it was fr Gary Thomas videos that I was listening to

Most fortune tellers are scammers out for the buck. There are some that are very good at reading the person, face, emotions. The one your family went to probably could read a dysfunction thread in your family’s life and history. They can get you to reveal a lot with just a few innocent questions and responses. For instance they will tell you that your favorite flower is the Rose. It just happens to be America’s favorite flower-nothing supernatural in that.

However, there are a few evil people in the world so I would do as others have suggested and see a priest, but I think the problem is within the dynamics of the family itself. In any case do speak to a priest about all of this. Praying for you.

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