Fortune Telling, Fortune Cookies, etc

Hey, everyone. I know that the Catholic Church forbids us from fortune-telling in order to try and know our future but does this mean that getting our fortune told simply for fun is a sin? What about something like reading a fortune cookie or using a fortune telling machine such as Zoltar simply for fun?

In my view that is either sinful or a near occasion to sin.

None of that is fun or entertaining. Its Satan leading you along the path to grave sins.

Holy given your struggles with scruples, the best person to discuss this with is your pastor.

You will get answers that say “yes this is a sin” and “no this is not a sin”. It is not healthy for you to get into these sorts of discussions online without spiritual direction.

Fortune teller machines and fortune cookies are NOT what the Catechism is talking about when it talks about divining as a sin against the First Commandment.

These certainly can be dangerous to some people, especially those with sensitive consciences and a propensity towards the occult practices. You should talk to your pastor about your concerns.


Fortune cookies are really nothing to worry about since all the messages inside the cookies are more or less generic and don’t mean anything.

We were at a Chinese restaurant, and I got a fortune cookie that said, “You should learn to speak Chinese.”

Don’t waste your money on fortune telling machines.

Three days before our son passed away, we brought in Chinese for “Going Out to Eat Night.”

His fortune: “You are about to gain an inheritance.”
My husband’s: “You are about to gain a small inheritance.”

Those prompted us to ask the pertinent questions concerning our son’s estate, emails, etc. He had been dealing with health challenges his entire life, and God had decided the boy had had enough. Please pray we find the object or vehicle he ran into. He had enough adrenaline from the traumatic brain injury to get him home (around the corner from the incident).

Surely fortune cookies are a danger to one’s waistline, not soul.

Fortune cookies are harmless.

I had one with the message “good news will come from a galaxy far away”. I still have it as it gave me a chuckle (star wars fan).

I would avoid fortune telling machines, though.

I have opinions on the subject but given the posters struggles I’m going to just post this as a placeholder in case the thread gets interesting.:slight_smile:

That again (great early answer, btw, 1ke)

And this. I have never done a “placeholder”, but only because I never thought of it.

Isn’t that the machine in the film Big?

I wouldn’t dabble with any fortune stuff if I were you.

:smiley: Now I know! Why didn’t someone tell me this sooner!

Seriously, those little scraps of Oriental wisdom are printed and mass produced, so your fortune is also someone else’s fortune. Are you not unique and not to be affected by a small piece of paper? Yes, I do read them for fun: LOL! They are never right or even close. Just enjoy the life you have been given and have a little fun! Peace.

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