Forty-thousand Mexicans to march against legalization of abortion

Mexico City, Jun 13, 2008 / 02:32 pm (CNA).- Nearly 40,000 Mexicans will march on June 22 to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe to pray for the defense of the unborn and to express their opposition to the legalization of abortion in the Mexican capital.

Guillermo Bustamante, an organizer of the march, told reporters the purpose of the pilgrimage is to pray “for the marvelous gift of life.” He said that he hoped pro-life protests would be held in other Mexican cities.

The march in Mexico City is being organized by 50 different organizations and will coincide with arguments being held at the country’s Supreme Court over the constitutionality of the law on abortion passed in Mexico City in April of 2007.

I hope that they are successful in preventing abortion from becoming legalized in Mexico.

I pray they will. After all the mother of all, Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patroness of the unborn has unequaled influence in heaven. “Never was it know that anyone who fled to her protection, was left unaided.” Let’s add our prayers to those 40,000 courageous Mexicans!

Yes, let us pray with those 40,000 Mexicans! :thumbsup:

Great idea, Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray with us.:signofcross:

Lord, please prevent abortion from being legalized in Mexico. In Jesus name I pray. Amen. :gopray2:

Man, if they would just come here leagaly, I would LOVE those people.

Hmm…they seem to have the courage to gather to protest…I wonder if I could find as many here locally to do the same?? Maybe this group will be “our mob” :wink:

Well, they certainly have more cajones than Americans do. Maybe it would be better if they did take over the US. And it seems clear that they could, seeing as how Americans are gutless, cowardly, wimps.

Is abortion legal in Mexico but they are reviewing challenges to the law? That was what I understood from the article:

“The march in Mexico City is being organized by 50 different organizations and will coincide with arguments being held at the country’s Supreme Court over the constitutionality of the law on abortion passed in Mexico City in April of 2007.”

Lord, may they be successful in defeating pro-abortion laws in Mexico!


Prayers sounds like a good idea. Penance is also good, since the conversion of a sinner requires sacrifice. Thank you for the news article, Holly. :thumbsup:

We do have those locally…it’s called the March for Life, where more than a 100,000 gather but the media draws no mention of it. Other than to show the pro-aborts that gather to protest it.

shall we discuss the white man’s arrival to the Americas? Not exactly legal either since it violated several of God’s commandents, such as thou shall not steal, thou shall not covent anything that is thy neighbors’s, and my favorate though shall not KILL.

Sigh…same ol’ ridiculous argument…sigh…

According to you, the ENTIRE OPEN land that was uninhabited by ANYONE (much of which is STILL wide open) was the property of WHO??

Unfortunately, that’s not enough…and we don’t do it often enough. In addition, once the day is over, many go back to their lives and forget about being involved…heck…how many here on this site alone, state they are Catholic yet support abortion?

Most people, sadly, are not passionate enough to actually follow through with DOING SOMETHING on a consistent basis to make any real changes! Marching once a year, makes many “feel good”…but does little to enact change, especially when half of those who march turn around and then support the Party of Death at election time!

Well, if the English had ever had talks with the President of Native America, then I might agree with you.(was Native America even the officaial name given to the entire geographical area of the present day US?) Can you show me where the founding documents for the Indians are located? Or perhaps you can tell me why the Indians attacked Jamestown for no reason?

If you can show me that we stole land that was owned by Indians, then I will agree with you. If you can show me why they attacked the settlement at Jamestown, without provication, then I may agree with you.

ownership is implied when your ancestors roam around the area for several centuries before the white man steps a foot on it. Why was there a battle at jonestown, according to the natives the good immigrant pseudo-christian townsfolk had a habit of killing natives. No big surprise there genocide is a bad habit that the white man can’t seem to break. Why were the innocent killed at wounded knee? Why are we in Iraq?

The idea that America was uninhabitated at the time Europeans arrived is a bizarre new version of history I have never heard.

But let’s not pretend genocide is a unique trait of the ‘white man’ (whoever he may be) - genocide is a problematic matter that all cultures have had to deal with and the native Americans were dealt a raw and nasty hand by fate and American govt. policies but they too had moments of what might be called genocide between tribes…

All of topic though hopefully the Mexican protestors are succesfull but I feel in the long run sadly abortion will become universal -despite it’s proponents there are still 54 countries in which it is heavily restricted (usually allowed only to save the woman’s life) or outright illegal but i feel sadly sure it will eventually became universal.

Abortion has been legal since April 2007. That is when this happened.

:gopray2: :gopray2: :gopray2: :gopray2:

Way off subject.:rolleyes:

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