Forty Years of Culture wars in Canada

By Fr. Alphhonse de Valk, csbOriginally published in the October 2008 Catholic Insight TORONTO, October 2, 2008 ( - It was 40 years ago that Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau proposed that surgical abortion of babies in utero be made legal as part of a…

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40 years ago, Canada came under moral assault, just as the United States and Western Europe did. In all cases, small, radical, Communist and Marxist groups gradually tried to impose their will and tried to create a society in their own image and likeness. With help from the media.

TV - At first, a guest in the home. Today, a playground for the dysfunctional and perverted.

Movies - At first, dinner and a movie that reflected Christian values in general. Today, fornication, more fornication and immorality in general.

Radio - Pleasant company. Today, shock jocks, rap/hip-hop with profanity and promoting all sorts of immorality.

Internet - Porn central and all things perverse, with some worthwhile content.

All Christians must work together and pray. Even affecting one person means another precious life turned away from the evils of the world and to a new life in Christ.

I encourage you, brothers and sisters, persevere.

God bless,

If you’re a doctor in Canada and refuse to do abortions, you might lose your medical license.

This summer, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) – the licensing body for doctors in the province – released a draft policy entitled Physicians and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

The document describes physicians’ current obligations to their patients under the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) regarding matters of discrimination and the accommodation of disabilities.

Causing concern among members of the Ontario Medical Association is the policy’s new code of conduct regarding a doctor’s personal, moral, or religious beliefs, and the impact such beliefs may have on decisions made within a professional capacity.

The central policy passage instigating the most intense ire states the new direction clearly. “Personal beliefs and values and cultural and religious practices are central to the lives of physicians and their patients. However, as a physician’s responsibility is to place the needs of the patient first, there will be times when it may be necessary for physicians to set aside their personal beliefs in order to ensure that patients or potential patients are provided with the medical treatment and services they require.”

The implications of this policy are that doctors who refuse to perform abortions, prescribe birth-control pills, or refer same-sex couples to a fertility clinic may be engaging in professional misconduct subject to disciplinary measures under the Ontario Human Rights Code, up to and including the loss of their license to practice medicine in the province.

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