Forum Apology. 1

Hi CA Forum users,

In some the political threads I have not always been the most charitable and I apologize greatly for this. With the pandemic and the crazy political environment and not sleeping a wink since the election started, I was not communicating in the forums in a polite manner. I just want to apologize for that, and I will be taking a break from political threads, if indeed I am not suspended.


It seems to be a frustrating time for you guys in the States. Forum passions are running hot atm.
Dont be too hard on yourself. Suspension is not the end of the world either. As a fellow suspendee I know you can read this , enjoy reading threads while in suspension. See you back very soon.

I am praying for your country in these tough and frustrating days.

I would encourage you to get some rest. You won’t think clearly if you’re exhausted. God bless.


You might consider staying out of the World News category. I’ve muted it and a few other categories, and it makes my CAF experience a lot better.

Also I recommend getting adequate sleep. A media curfew might help.


Many of us are troubled, dismayed and disgusted. I never thought I would live to see my beloved country on the verge of socialism/Marxism/eventual Communism. We have learned nothing from history, and I don’t believe we ever shall.

God bless America, and Heaven help us!

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