Forum started to hang up/ glitch really badly within last half hour



Within the last half hour (it’s 8 am ET Sunday Jan 13 right now) the forum has started to hang in my Chrome browser (recent version, on Windows laptop) on most topics and functions. I get an error message that says “Waiting for” and then a “Page unresponsive” box asking whether I want to wait or exit the page. This is happening in both Dark theme and Default theme on a variety of the subforums. When I do get a page to load, I see the ad is missing from the top (sometimes there’s an ad loaded at the bottom of the page).

I’m not sure whether you have a bad advertisement or a recent software update causing the glitch, but it’s making the forum unusable for about the last 15 minutes. I’d been looking at topics on here for about an hour before this started to happen and all was normal.


Seems okay again now (about a half hour later)

So just take the above post as a trouble report.


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