Forum user join dates


In the old forum, users’ join dates were normally included under their avatars. You could see right away if someone was new or had been around for a while. Those forum join dates are still there but you actually have to click on something to see them.

It was a useful tool when trying to interpret the meaning behind the words of a post.

Does anyone else miss the ease of knowing other users’ join dates?


I haven’t really thought about it. It only takes a second to click and read the join date.


I always felt that it was kind of nice to see all of that information upfront, right on the screen.

We could see where someone was from, too–if they wanted to share that info.–and it was more readily available.

I think that it was a nice feature, too. :slightly_smiling_face:


I liked how the user’s religion used to be displayed with every post.


Yes. The reasoning is also incredibly irritating. It’s so that the members will be drawn into the user experience one layer at a time. Lame.

Pertinent information is useful, and should be available along with the user’s handle. Number of likes…not useful. If I want to read someone’s profile I’ll go the extra step.


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