What do you all look for when looking at forums to join? I’m wanting to join an automotive one. Should I only join if all the members are Christians? Or should I just look at if the site has the info I want?


I join forums based on my interests. :)


I’d join one if they were interesting and not too vulgar. Don’t worry about it all being Christian or not, but don’t join one that is hostile to Christianity.

Just because it’s not explicitly Christian doesn’t mean it’s immoral.


What if a couple of the members are vulgar but not the bulk of them?


[quote="Dawg2010, post:4, topic:193763"]
What if a couple of the members are vulgar but not the bulk of them?


Well, in my opinion, this, like many other things in life, isn't simple or black or white. How crass or vulgar are they? Is it directed towards you? Do they insult things sacred? Is there a block list you can put them on? Do they give incredible insight and answer questions? Do they just spew nonsense?

It depends on so much. We probably can't answer this for you. I think for the most part, it's probably fine. If you find yourself swearing and acting like them, than don't visit them. If you can deal with it, go for it.


I look for quality and variety of information and the general feel of the site, helpful responses and an active board, with profile pics and avatars that are, for the most part, non-offensive. I rarely concern myself with the member's personal beliefs unless I am looking for information specifically on moral or religious topics.


I join based on information-sharing. Sure, you run into some real wackos on the forums, but I just ignore the trolls, potty-mouths, and troublemakers; I learn what I can and leave the rest. You can always quit if people are obnoxious, attacking your faith or whatever.


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