Foster parents and Baptism


Hello All,

  My wife and I our practicing catholics {my wife is also a Eucharistic minister} and we are also foster parents. We had a newborn for 11 months before she was reunified with the birth mother{incarcerated}.
    Now we have a great relationship with the mother and child, she is doing all that she needs to do. we still watch the little one 3-4 days a week. She wants her daughter baptized and raised catholic asked that we be the God-Parents. we were over-joyed. 

  Does the birth mother have to be a member of her town's church?? she feels more comfortable if we can do something with the church we belong to in our town.
   I have gotton some negativity from a couple of my siblings saying that she has to  join her city's church, be confirmed{she has her 1st communion}, etc. I know that she wants her kid raised catholic, we are practicing catholics, we already are planning to help send her to catholic school, and the church should want to embrace this little family into our flock...


She needs to make an appointment with her priest to discuss the baptism of her child. There may be some baptism classes she needs to attend, taught by her priest or by someone in his parish.

She can have the baptism in another parish, such as your parish, but should really start with her own priest as far as baptismal preparation. If she is more comfortable with your priest, she can make an appointment to talk to him.


Don't understand why your siblings would say she needs to be in her own town. My family belongs to a parish in another town and state!! It just so happens that the parishes in our town or even closer were not a good fit for us. Plus our parish has an incredible school and we are very glad our children are able to attend that school. If she feels comfortable at your Parish that is where she should become a member.

Hope everything workd out for all of you!

God Bless you. :thumbsup:


Call and make an appointment for all three of you to meet with your priest. If you are to be the godparents, then there should not be any problem for permission to be given for the child to be baptized in your parish, especially since the birth mother isn’t Catholic (yet).


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