Foster to Adopt-- Fundraising Ideas?

Well, we’ve started the process to adopt again, this time through Catholic Charities in our state. We want to adopt from Foster Care, but use CC as a placement agency, because they have such an excellent reputation for ethical adoptions in our area.

The problem is that we need to come up with $5000 for a homestudy and legal fees, and we simply do not have this sum of money saved.

Does anybody have any ideas for adoption fundraising that don’t involve either my husband getting a second job, or me getting a job? Our daughter has special needs, and me getting a job is simply not an option-- her education and services require heavy parental involvement. My husband’s current job contract has a clause which stipulates he cannot hold a second job.

Anybody been through this before? Anybody done foster-to-adopt through a state and had these associated costs?

Hmm…how about a “Bring a Child Home” breafast/lunch/dinner event. Keep half the profits, donate the other half to Catholic charities to help other couples willing to adopt.

How about seeing if the VFW or Fire figher’s hall will lend you the space or rent it out cheaply.

Get a local youth group/young adult to help cook

Pick something simple…pancake brunch, ziti supper.

then sell tickets to whomever you can…the more people you have on board, helping the more the world will spread.

Also look into your hubby’s workplace to see if there are low-interest loans to cover child adoption. I know that a loan sounds horrible, but a 4-5k loan with a 5 year term will be something like $60 a month.

My wife and I fostered/adopted three of our children. We never encountered such an enormous fee ($5000). As foster children the county actually insisted on paying us a moderate amount monthly (once for as long as a year). We simply put this money aside for whatever needs the child had. But we adopted in the 1980’s and '90’s so maybe things have changed. We will keep you in our prayers and hope for the best. As a side note, one of our children is also Special Needs (hearing, etc) and she just received her Master’s Degree in Social Work. She is an inspiration to the rest of us …:shrug:

I will keep this in my prayers. This subject has a special place in my heart.

Thanks everybody!!

The homestudy itself is about $2500, and then I know from the last time around that legal fees were 2000-3000 dollars (more for us because we hit a snag).

My Moobaby is 3.5 years old and has a form of autism. We didnt expect her to, but going thruogh the experience of parenting her and completely changed our lives (dont kiddos ALWAYS change your life!?).

We’re interested in fostering/adopting a “difficult to place” child (ie- special needs and/or minority and/or criminal history of bio parents), primarily becuase both my husband AND my daughter are adopted children who were considered “difficult to place”.

But that being said, we dont want to disrupt the birthorder in our family, meaning, that since my daughter was our first child, she will always be our oldest child. I think it would be a very difficult adjustment for her to suddenly have an older sibling (or siblings). We’re hoping it will be less threatening to her to have a younger sibling (or siblings because we’re open to a sibling group).

I have a lot of anxiety about this-- we have our first meeting in December, and I need to have at least the homestudy fee ready by then, or we’re going to be on hold. That would be so disappointing, because we’re really in the perfect position NOW to add to our family-- my husband has an awesome job, with great benefits. he doesnt have to travel and he’s home from work by 4pm every day. The income is such that I can stay home with my daughter. We’ve just moved to an area where our family lives so we have that kind of support. We’re ready!

But if we cant find a grant or some way to raise the money, we’re in a “Do Not Pass Go” situation. Thanks for all your input! Keep it coming! :slight_smile:

One of the teachers at my school did a fundraiser at chick-fil-a to raise money to adopt a teen from the ukraine. They gave a percentage from all the sales from a 2-hour window one evening to the family. Maybe you could talk to a local restuarant about doing something similar.


Have you considered trying to locate a private LSW (licensed social worker) to do the home study, rather than an agency? We used a private, licensed individual for our second adoption and it was about one-third the cost of an agency homestudy. Now, I live in a more or less rural area, and as an attorney, I am well known to the judges in my county, so that did make it easier to use a private LSW. If this your second time through the system, perhaps the judge will remember you or your file when he or she sees it, if you have the same judge. See who your state’s regs allow to do the homestudy, and what your lawyer thinks.

That seems like an astronomical sum for a homestudy - - are you in an urban area?

Edit: OK, I see you are on Long Island, so that explains the cost. My bride’s family is spread out across the Island.

I was told that my parents paid a $500.00 “donation” to the orphanage 50 years ago for me. They said that they saved for two and a half years. Doesn’t it seem that if you can’t save $5000 that you also cannot afford another child?

Pray to St. Gerard.

I think it’s quite illegal to “buy” babies in this day and age - and for good reasons. Also, just because someone can’t come up with $5000 doesn’t mean they can’t take in another child. As the father of ten, I can assure you that I didn’t wait for a $5000 raise before having or adopting another one.

In our case we have adopted three children who were our foster kids first. We did not have to pay anything - the state paid all costs. Of course, the children came with issues, but we knew that as they lived with us as our children for two or more years before being adopted.

The Federal tax credit for adopting is close to $13K this year and unlike past years, you can take a refund for the full amount instead of rolling it over year-to-year. It probably doesn’t help the OP so late in the calendar year, but maybe they will extend this credit (it was part of the Bush tax cuts that expire unless Congress does something). If you are set on getting a child with special needs, perhaps you could hit up family to borrow money until you did a tax return and qualified for the credit.

Chosen, you copied my post and then made this response. I don’t see how it relates to my post??? I never said that I was bought by my parents. They paid a $500 donation to St. Vincent’s Orphanage in Chicago - Very legit. Also, I never suggested that a $5000 raise in salary was needed to pay a $5000 bill. The OP is asking for fund raising ideas. It seems that saving the $5000 would be the most obvious way to acquire funds for the adoption, or anything one wants. Given that saving is obvious, it seems that if the OP has to ask for charity, quite possibly adoption is not financially a good idea.

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