Foul Language Sinful?

Of course taking the Lord’s name in vain is prohibited but is using foul language sinful? If it is, why? Foul language would include lots of common swear words and expressions.

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I do not think it is sinful because man assigns value to certain words. God does not assign value to those words. I imagine that it is only a sin if you are using foul language to hurt someone.

Usually, swearing is inherently denigrating, taking something good and lowering it. This is a message in the word itself or its direct implication.

Sins of speech are chiefly measured by the intention, though. But the choice of the word often reveals the intention, doesn’t it…

Paul talks about bad language somewhere, maybe 1 Corinthians? He didn’t like it. But then there is the use of the word “skoobala” elsewhere in the NT, which is a pretty bad word. But the intentions are different…

There’s also the issue of scandal to keep in mind.

Paul may have held views that are close to modern day fascism.

It might be. I am not going to look it up in the Catechism but I will tell you my opinion.
It falls short of perfection. Even unbelievers try to clean up their language around a 2 year old.

The remedy is to spend time praising God and thanking him. When you do that daily, swearing when you stub your toe will seem to be more sinful than it did before. Let’s say you jump up and down holding your toe, and instead of swearing you say Ouch Ouch Ouch. That’s an improvement. One day, with daily praising and thanking God, you might stub your toe and have the presence of mind to say Praise You Jesus thank you Jesus while you hold your toe and jump up and down. We are called to grow in holiness and this is one way to apply growing in holiness in every day life.

It’s a good practice to do an examination of conscience at the end of the day. If you were swearing that day, ask God to clean that up in your heart. Start fresh the next day, meet the challenges that come along with God helping you.

Jesus says that if you are faithful to him in small matters he will give you greater things. This is a good place to get started!

Would you use the “F” word in the presence of Jesus?

Abusing the gift of speech IS a sin.

It would depend on how casual I wanted to be around Jesus.

Yes, crude/foul language is, objectively speaking, sinful. I know that many people today take such language for granted and just do not know any better. Our society is being dragged into the gutter by the forces of Evil. Blasphemy is obviously wrong for those who believe in God. Foul language about sexual or bodily functions are degrading to all persons.

Yes. This cuts to the heart of it. Cursing, swearing, often in done in anger or is meant to denigrate someone. All bad, and sinful.

I’d say its wrong. All such language either denigrates another person or the human body which God made or it is vulgar and not compatible with holiness. If you can’t imagine saying something in front of Our Lord or if you can’t imagine a Saint saying it, then we shouldn’t say it. Some words are merely descriptive but become swear words in another contexts. Other words like the F word should not be said in any context IMO.

One should measure what he says to avoid uttering nonsense like this.

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I was told by a confessor that rude conversation/behavior (cursing) is not sinful. Of course, taking the Lord’s name in vain is always sinful.

Why are you calling liberty evil? Freedom of speech is one of our most cherished rights. You have a fascist interpretation of Christianity. This is similar to the extreme fascist interpretation of Islam.


God did not give us free will so that we could sin, but so that we could love Him.

Being against sin is not fascism…

True liberty is knowing God, not in being able to blaspheme, which is only being a slave to sin.

The highest good is not “freedom of speech”, but knowing how to use our free will and speech to bring glory to God.

The understanding you describe is very modern, it is different than the traditional Christian worldview.

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There is a quote in the bible where Jesus addresses vulgar language. To put it this way the quote is, a very harsh thing.

The question should not be is it sinful…but is it mortal or venial, because it is definitely a sin.
St. Peter said to Jesus that he was a man of unclean lips.

Romans 3:14 sinners --“their mouths are full of cursing & bitterness.”

Good for you. All fascists in this thread should realize that vulgar language is a creation of man. Don’t tread on me! Long live the Bill of Rights! Long live pure Christianity!


Come on.

I am fighting for liberty. That is all I am doing. I do not mean to insult anyone.

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