Foul Play for Gun Dealer?

Foul Play for Gun Dealer?

March 9, 2010 - 10:02 AM | by: Rick Folbaum
The local baseball league might not want Matt Carmel’s money. But he’s found a league that does. After the South Orange-Maplewood Baseball Committee turned down Carmel’s $300 check to sponsor a team, the nearby Morris Rugby Football club said “We’ll take that.” And so now, there will be a local rugby team called Constitution Arms, the name of Carmel’s gun dealership.

The baseball committee rejected Carmel’s sponsorship application, without giving him a reason why. But one of the committee members tells Fox News he voted against it because he was “certain that…it would generate controversy.” Craig Gruber, who’s been on the committee for 7 years told us, “We are a group of volunteers and quite frankly, we have our hands full running the league and deciding things like whether or not the infield fly rule should apply to 9 year olds.”

But Matt Carmel says that’s not fair. He says people have an irrational fear of guns and that besides, the league allows local wine stores to sponsor teams. He also points to another approved sponsor, a chicken restaurant called Cluck U, as being objectionable considering its risqué advertising campaign and name.

Well, he’s certainly agitating people in this upscale New Jersey suburb, though perhaps not in the way he intended. Maybe if the Constitution Arms rugby team has a championship season, other teams will petition to allow Carmel to sponsor them next season.

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