Found a watch--do I keep it?

Went for a jog at the local track the past weekend. Discovered a nice timex triatholon watch next to the track in plain view. Apparently someone left it there inadvertantly. Would it be ethical for me to take it? No one else was jogging at the track.

I couldnt bring myself to take it. If it’s still there today, I may do so though.

If you’re lucky and it’s still there, retrive it and turn it in to the local police department. If nobody claims it in accordanc to local codefied law, they will contact you and it’s yours to keep, free of sin. :smiley:

good suggestion. However, I doubt that someone who lost their $50 watch would think to go to the local police station to inquire about the lost item.

First, they would retrace their steps to see where they lost it, and then they would contact the police to see whether it was turned in.

So, if it’s still there, turn it in. :slight_smile:

Providing it’s still there…

If you went for a jog early, maybe you just missed the person. If they jog there regularly maybe you can park yourself there earlier and maybe you’ll see somebody searching the area. Or you can ask any of the regulars if they lost a watch and to describe it. That’s the best I can suggest.:o

Good luck.


you can also if it is still there, take it and advertise in the local newspaper which should be free under lost and found that you found a watch and that they can pick it up at local police department. never give out your phone number or email etc in a local add for this. safest way is to drop it at the police station. 50$ is a lot of money for some:)

If your conscience is going to be disturbed by it, for your own sake I would leave the watch.

This question has come up for me when I have seen money laying on the ground. One solution is to resolve that all money found goes to charity. The most I’ve found has been a $20 bill - but I hope I would follow this rule even if I found a lot more.

I recently found myself in a similar situation. I was jogging past the high school and saw a ring on the pavement. I examined it and figured it for gold with a lovely garnet setting. I took into the high school office and they posted a notice for anyone who may have lost a ring to come in and identify it. I left them my phone number and after a month they called and said no one claimed the ring and did I want it? I came and got it, took it to the pawn shop, got $20 dollars for it and put the money in the collection basket the following Sunday.

I thought I was the only one: I also found a $20 bill and it went to the Church.
Somehow I would have felt guilty taking it for myself.

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