Found our new parish in Florida!


Went to Confession this afternoon with my children…and really fell in love with this new parish, that we attended last week. (My husband instantly loved it) When I came out of the Reconciliation room, there were many praying the Rosary together…it was very welcoming. I saw two very large crucifixes one in the back, and one in the Confessional…which I didn’t see last week…I have always felt that is important in a RCC.
Just sharing…my kids talked about it all the way home. My son was happy to have gone through it, even though he was skiddish about it, at first. He didn’t have a problem with Confession back in PA…but, perhaps he was nervous anticipating with a new priest.

Great news–I was praying for God to lead my family and me to a vibrant new parish…and He did. He’s amazing.:heaven:

Just sharing…:slight_smile:


That’s good news and I am sure it will help you to feel at home in no time.


That’s wonderful, WG! If ever I head down there again, I’ll have to find out where you go!


Awesome! I actually just left that area. :frowning: But…I found an awesome church in my new area–it’s a replica of the very church my ancestors would have attended in a certain small town in Sicily (the immigrants from that town all came to the same town here and built it)! :slight_smile:


I agree on the crucifix in confessionals. If it’s on the screen, I usually kiss the feet after my act of contrition. My old parish had a really great one that showed in detail the sufferings of our Lord–really showed the effect of our sins!


that is so cool…!!! I like ‘older’ church ‘models,’…this one is quite modern, but as my husband says…‘it’s just a building…it’s the Eucharist we are coming for.’ :slight_smile: thanks for your post.


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