Found out I wasn't baptized!!!!

I grew up in a Protestant church, but converted. I was confirmed in the Church almost a year ago.

Anyway, the topic of baptism came up in conversation with my mother last night and I learned something shocking! My mother told me that she went through her church’s classes for parents in preparation to have their baby baptized, filled out all the paperwork etc…but when the day came for me to be baptized I had a fever and was never actually baptized.:eek: In that church, because they don’t view baptism as salvific they only held baptisms once a year and when my mom missed it, she just didn’t bother to have it done the next year!!! But the church went ahead and made out a baptism certificate just like I had been baptized because they did it at the end of the classes, so when I contacted the church last year for a copy of my baptismal certificate, they sent me one.
So I’ve never been baptized!!!:eek: What is done in cases like these? Am I going to have to go through RCIA all over again? Will they just baptize me as soon as possible and confirm me? This is so deeply troubling. I can’t believe this happened!!!

well I think that your confirmation crism would cover the lack of baptism after all they ask you the same questions that were asked at the baptism.
Ask your priest to put your heart at peace, but I feel you are OK welcome to the Church.

But I thought baptism was the “gateway” sacrament and that you have to be baptized before you can receive other sacraments. ???

But it sounds like that all the rules were followed and the confirmation happened with the full belief that the baptismal certificate was correct. The intentions were genuine on the part of the OP and the RCIA program.

this is not correct.

No you do not need to go to RCIA all over again.

*]First, calm down. Take a deep breath.
*]Second, go talk to your priest and tell him what you learned. Ask him to baptize and complete the sacraments of initiation for you privately,ASAP. Yes, your priest can and will help you.
*]And of course, refrain from the Eucharist until you have resolved this situation.

I’m not worried about intentions here. It’s clear no one (myself included) intended for me to receive other sacraments without having been baptized. I’m concerned about the fact that I’m not, in fact, actually baptized. And that being the case, I want to be baptized ASAP. So my question is, how are cases like these handled? I’ve been through an RCIA program in preparation for Confirmation and was “Confirmed” and have been going to confession, receiving the Eucharist and living as a Catholic for almost a year now.

Thank you 1KE. :slight_smile: Your posts always have a way of calming me down.

Call your priest and don’t panic. He’ll handle it.

Fwiw, there is a concept called Baptism of Desire and if for some reason you would have died before you found out the truth of your “Baptism”, you would have been covered. It’s not like God would’ve shut the gates in your face. He is Mercy.

Do not worry. :slight_smile: Contact your priest promptly and he will quickly solve this problem. Do not approach any sacraments in the meantime (still attend mass, just no communion). You won’t need RCIA all over again! This is completely fixable, don’t worry.


This may be disturbing, but it can be VERY easily resolved and I don’t think you need to have any concern over it.

Besides, look at the bright side. This means that you can be baptised, and have a perfectly clean slate! Every bit of temporal (and/or eternal) punishment will be wiped away. You’ll be as clean and innocent as a child.

Speak to your priest, as has been said before, and go on ahead through the process.

God bless!

Thank for sharing your opinion. It’s wrong, however.

OP, talk to your priest. You ought to be baptized as soon as possible. Do understand that the Church teaches the baptism of desire, however. That means that if you were to die before you are able to be baptized you will still be saved provided you’re not in mortal sin. The baptism of desire is based on you really intending to be baptism with water, however so don’t let it lull you into complacency on that point. God bless.

Yes, contact your pastor, and he will set things right. I assume you have already been through RCIA. In that case, I can’t imagine he would have you do that all over again. Most likely he will administer the sacraments privately as others have said. I hope you come back and let us know how this turns out.

Provided I am not in mortal sin? I know for a fact I’m in a state of mortal sin right now if all of my confessions have been invalid because I wasn’t baptized. :frowning: How could anyone other than a child under the age of reason qualify for baptism of desire if the requirement is that one is not in a state of mortal sin? I’m guessing even if I was able to get a hold of my priest today, he probably won’t be able to baptize me until after Christmas at the earliest. What happens if I die before then?:eek::eek:

I found out I was not baptized shortly before Confirmation (my mother said that they baptized me in the hospital when I was born because ‘they didn’t think I would make it’ because of a heart murmur, but I’m not sure I believe her :rolleyes:)
When we were unable to produce a Baptismal Certificate, the pastor simply had me come and receive a conditional baptism. It was the day before I was confirmed. I simply had to come back from lunch early and meet them at the church…it was just me, my teacher and the priest. Very private :smiley:
The priest was very happy to perform the baptism…

Hopefully relaying my experience will help ease your mind.

You’re okay. Just go tell your Pastor. There is Baptism of the spirit, after all. If you had known before you would have wanted it and so… the Holy Spirit takes care of this stuff, you know. But I imagine your Pastor will just baptize you. Really, no sweat.

Rest assured, all your confessions were valid. As long as you were unaware that the Baptism had not taken place, the confessions were 100% valid.

God loves you. Remember, he wants you to be happy with him in heaven. Pray that he fill your heart with charity and perfect contrition for your sins. Pray an act of contrition. Then leave it in his eminently capable hands. Trust him. :heaven:

The psalms can be helpful to achieve a sense of calm and trust.

This is insane! not to make light of your situation, (although baptism of desire has your soul covered) this sounds like an episode of a good sitcom. lol that said, may you peaceably resolve this strange situation! rest assured, my friend!

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