Foundation The Movie

I’m starting to read Foundation Trilogy after hearing news that [FONT=Tahoma]Roland Emmerich, master of destruction will direct a movie based on the Foundation series of novels by Isaac Asimov. Roland Emmerich has said he’ll shoot this epic in 3D. The guy’s good at global catastrophe and blowin’ stuff up real good. Foundation is about ideas, not explosions. However Sony chose to go with Roland Emmerich so I guess it’s more disaster porn and banal melodrama. Asimov fans have the right to be mad. Emmerich will mess this thing up. If Hollywood could tackle LoTRs, I think they could do it with Foundation. Sony will make Foundation into a trilogy. I can’t wait. [/FONT]

I feel LOTR as adapted into movie was a curate’s egg ultimately. But that’s for another time. I can’t imagine Hollywood doing Foundation any justice, for a start it’s from another now vanished era of science-fiction and I just can’t see the core ideals been kept. They made a right cock up of restarting Star Trek (and yes I know my opinion is in the minority on that) I’d rather imagine Foundation or reread the books.

Few sci-fi classics have made great movies. Bladerunner is an exception but the movie is only loosely related to the source material in that case anyway.

Do I remember correctly that each of the three original “Foundation” books were each more like a series of 5-6 short stories that were connected fairly loosely to one another and together spanned a few hundred years time… there was an overall story arc but each story also had its own plot and characters. A few characters recurred from one story to the next, but mostly not. Seems hard to make into a movie that is actually true to the book. As I recall the “Robot” books were that way too. I never saw the movie they made a few years ago so I don’t know how that translated over. Well it’s been a long time since I read them, and I probably won’t see these movies either…

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