Four blood moons: Total lunar eclipse series not a sign of apocalypse


There has been a lot of interest in an upcoming series of lunar eclipses that begins April 15. These are usually described as ‘four blood moons’ and taken by some to prophesy upcoming disasters.

There has been a lot of interest recently in an upcoming series of lunar eclipses that begins April 15. These are usually described as “four blood moons” and taken by some to prophesy upcoming disasters.

The total lunar eclipse of April 15 will begin a so-called tetrad series of eclipses that is making the rounds online as a potential harbinger of doom, due in part to a recent book on the four blood moons that makes the dubious claim.

Astronomers rarely if ever use the term blood moon. When they do, they are usually using it as an alternate name for the Hunter’s Moon, the full moon that follows the Harvest Moon, usually in late October. The Hunter’s Moon, like the Harvest Moon, rises slowly on autumn evenings so that it shines through a thick layer of the Earth’s atmosphere, and is colored red by Rayleigh scattering and air pollution. [Four Blood Moons: Lunar Eclipse Tetrad Explained (Video)]


It could signal that my taxes are due, which is almost as bad as the apocalypse.


Don’t worry about it.

It might make a nice photo though.




And, as usual any time a celestial phenomenon is predicted, we’ll probably have solid overcast where I live, so I won’t be able to see it.


Seems to me they are trying very hard to make people think this is nothing to be concerned with regarding these blood moons, but they make absolutely no mention of the fact that every single time this has occurred in history, something significant has happened concerning Israel, just look back at the times they happened and what was going on with Israel at the time…seems like its an open and shut case for me, too many coincidences for this to be nothing imo.


Isn’t there always something significant going on in Israel?

And why should it matter what happens in Israel? Do some people still believe this is God’s chosen land? (that is NOT a mocking question but a GENUINE question - I know it’s hard to tell online so…)


Not to the degree regarding the happenings that have taken place EVERY SINGLE time this 4 blood moon comes about…looking back at the dates of this, they were MAJOR MAJOR events in Israel, so this one should be no different imo.

I get so tired of hearing people saying ‘No one can know the hour of the 2nd coming’, they fail to go on and say Jesus ALSO told us the faithful will know when he is at the door by the signs he will send, in the sky, the earth, etc. LOL Its like they dont want to even mention this part!?

Uh, when Jesus does come back, it says he will touch down on the mount of olives, and this will split the mountain in two, so yes, I think Israel is significant to the end times/second coming.


Well, I guess this prediction gives you the chance to come back to the forum when this inevitability occurs right? :slight_smile:


When the Apocalypse comes, you’ll see alot more serious signs than this. I’ve heard people making comments recently about what they perceive to be an unusual amount of earthquake activity, but in all seriousness, not one of them has been even remotely deadly.


I am pretty sure folks in 14th c. Europe thought the world was ging to end whe a full ONE THIRD of the population died from plague.


Some good verses to keep in mind.“For there shall be then great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now”.


The difference is back then, not many or none of the other ‘signs’ Jesus told us to watch for, were going on, or taking place yet, that is not the case in modern times, if you look at these signs in the bible, in todays world, they are very prevalent.


Sure, I will keeping an eye on whats going in Israel during this time too.


I heard John Hagee speak about this but the graphic in the first post is very helpful because it doesn’t look like one would see it from the Mideast and Israel. So, from the little I know of this, it sounds like Hagee would be off and yet, he is insisting we are going to see a change as in '67, '48 and he also said 1492 when he claimed these other “Blood Moons” happened apparently fullfilling prophecy. That’s what I take he is saying.

'67, there was a war,
'48, Israel became a nation.

1492, obviously this is when Columbus discovered the new world.

Hagee also said that each of the blood moons happens on Jewish Holy Days (correct terninology?), Passover, Feast of Tabernacles I believe and son on.


As far as world events coinciding with martial phenomena, there will always be opportunists who volunteer to manufacture drama, like a self-fulfilling prophecy.


No there aren’t. Only to those who want to see them.

Jesus has been predicted to return "shortly"since the era of the Acts of the Apostles.

there is nothing “new” under the sun.


OK, tell me which of these ‘signs and hints’ mentioned in the bible, are NOT taking place (or have already happened at some point), in todays world…that will make it easier to debate. I believe there are about 15-20 of them.


Years during which tetrads have happened or will happen. There was no tetrad in 1492. Look at the bottom of each page for a list of lunar eclipses grouped by century.
Tetrad: 1428 - 1429
Tetrad: 1457 - 1458
Tetrad: 1475 - 1476
Tetrad: 1493 - 1494
Tetrad: 1909 - 1910
Tetrad: 1927 - 1928
Tetrad: 1949 - 1950
Tetrad: 1967 - 1968
Tetrad: 1985 - 1986

                          Tetrad:   2003 -  2004
                          Tetrad:   2014 -  2015
                          Tetrad:   2032 -  2033
                          Tetrad:   2043 -  2044
                          Tetrad:   2050 -  2051
                          Tetrad:   2061 -  2062
                          Tetrad:   2072 -  2073
                          Tetrad:   2090 -  2091


Yes, but every day that passes is one day closer to his return - and MANY days have passed since the apostles walked the Earth.

I also find it notable that the majority of the US is within the visible range of the full eclipse.

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