Four Coptic Teens Could be Charged for Mocking ISIS [CBN]


The gist of this video to me, is better said by the headline at the Assyrian International News Agency, AINA:

Christian Teens in Egypt Tried for Video 'Mimicking Jihadists’

Because from reading the articles, it seems to me, they were “making fun” of ISIS basically.

Four Coptic Teens Could be Charged for Mocking ISIS

Four Egyptian teens are in hot water for lampooning atrocities committed by the Islamic State.

The boys have already spent time in prison. They also face excessive fines and have received death threats for “offending Islam.”

Last April, the four Christian students from the Eyptian village of Al-Nasriyah made a 32-second video mocking the piety and atrocities of ISIS.

According to World Watch Monitor, the video angered Muslims who rioted and attacked Christian homes in the village.

The boy’s teacher, Gad Younan was banned from Al-Nasriyah, and charges were filed against him and the four teens. Younan was fired from his job and he and his family have been forced into hiding.

Blasphemy against Mohammed and Islam is a serious offense in Egypt. At the least, those convicted can face extensive jail time. The maximum penalty is death by execution.

So, we don’t know enough about this story, they make fund of the violent ISIS Jihadis but it comes off that they have offended Islam?


I have to admit that minus the seriousness of the lack of free speech, it amuses me at how sensitive some hardened radicals are.


The differences between Islam and ISIS are greatly exaggerated. Whatever ISIS is, it is not a different religion. They share the same understanding of Allah, and the necessity of submission to that.


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