Four Gates of Hell

According to St. Alphonsus Liguori there are 4 principal gates of Hell. Hatred,Blasphemy, Theft and Impurity.

Apparently these 4 vices are most responsible for sending souls to Hell. Could this be the truth or is this merely Liguori’s opinion?

What form does blasphemy take in our day? saying “g-d damn it?” or just the rise of atheism and irreligion?

The Fatima children were told that “sins of the flesh” send most individuals to hell, so presumably that would cover more than just impurity, at least these days. :shrug:

Good point about the rise of atheism and irreligion. That’s led to blatant public, and often hatred-filled, blasphemy that makes “G-d damn it!” sound like a blessing! :mad:
Some of those atheists are better described as anti-theists, and their language has to be intended to shock and offend us.

Here are just 5 examples of present day blasphemies.

The First 5 Saturday Devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary listed 5 main blasphemies against her…1) Against her Immaculate Conception. 2) Against her virginity. 3) Against her divine maternity. 4) By those who seek to openly foster in the hearts of children indifference, or even hatred, for this Immaculate Mother. 5) By those who directly outrage her holy images.

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