Four miracles later a Catholic is re born


I’ll start off by saying that all though i’m not one of those people who think that everything is a sign from God. I do believe when God chooses he will show his prescence when he thinks its the time to do so.
But my wife could be at best described as a agnostic. But she leans towards outright atheistism.
But four things have happened to change her mind, Four little miracles. The first one Was when she was 6 months pregnant with our fourth child, she was having terrible pains. Pains that she said weren’t labour pains but was something she thought was totaly different, i asked repeatedly if she was ok or if she wanted me to call a ambulance. but she kept saying no she will be ok, but after a hour or so of these pains she finaly relented and asked me to call a ambulance. As i was calling them she walked out of the room totaly pain free and said don’t worry about it nowthe pains are gone. She later told me that as she was laying there she felt a hand rest onto her stomach, she said it felt like someone gently pushed their open palm onto her stomach and soon as it did the pain left, she said she could clearly feel the hand and even make out that the fingers were slightly seperated. I said maybe it was Jesus (as a joke) and she just shruged and said maybe. a few years later my second eldest daughter got a bad infection in the kidneys, causing her to lose half her body weight in a little over a week she was very ill and they had no idea what kind of infection was causing the illness. Until this Very devout Christian doctor came over and worked tirelesly on my daughter trying to find out what was wrong with her, he showed a lot more concern for my daughter than the other doctors, even coming around for house visits to check up (free of charge) to make sure she hadn’t got anyworse. After another week later the doctor found what sort of infection it was and managed to treat it ( i know this doesn’t seem like a miracle but all the otehr doctors used to just shake their heads to the nurse to give her a few panadol, so the miracle was that this doctor wasn’t even going to come up the day he took on her case but he had forgotten something at the hospital and had to get it. which if he didn’t he wouldn’t have took on her case and who knows what would have happened). The third one to me is a major miracle. And that they found that my wife had cancer. many test and scans later they told her she had a 50-50 chance of making it and they had booked her into the hospital for surgery to try and remove as much of the cancer as possible before chemo. As she was going for her last scan before the operation it had showed that the tumor had totaly vanished. they still carried out the operation just in case and saw no sign of a tumor or any sign of the cancer that both scans and blood test had indicated was there. Now that left a lot of doctors scracthing their heads and my wife seriously doubting her once strong beliefs as a agnostic/atheist. The fourth little miracle happened this past week, involving my daughter i wont go right into the full story as it is long and complicated. But she was very ill and her sunday school group (non catholic) were very supportive and held prayers and so forth my daughter and after a very grim out look everything turned out ok. Which lead my wife to say you know there really must be something to all this. And has decided to return to the Catholic Church. She said that most families might only be given one miracle some aren’t given any. God has blessed us with four.


Thank you for posting. (Miracle stories are awesome!) May God continue to bless you and your family.


Congratulations Mister X. May she grow in faith with you from this point on.

in XT.


I love miracle stories.


I think when we experience a miracle for ourselves. It really blows us out of the water so to speak.

Praise be to God Almighty.


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