Four Moral Issues Sharply Divide Americans

This new Gallup poll has some surprising (for me at least) results. While I am not surprised at the numbers of Americans who have very warped consciences, I am surprised at the issues that have agreement and those which have wide differences.

There are only four issues that most Americans agree on and they are on the correct side morally (according to Church teaching).

  1. Suicide
  2. Human Cloning
  3. Polygamy, when one husband has mre then one wife at the same time.
  4. Married men and women having an affair.

They are most divided on:

  1. Doctor assisted suicide
  2. Gay or lesbian relations
  3. Abortion
  4. Having a baby outside of marriage

Some confusing results. Most people believe that married people having an affair is wrong and that polygamy is wrong, but think that having a baby outside of marriage is OK. I guess this means that married people should not have babies outside of marriage but single people can? Obviously, what is going on here is that people have rationalized issues that are wrong but close to home. For those issues that do not touch them personally, it is easy to declare them immoral.

Any insights out there?

Heh, I thought one of those 4 would be Birth Control.

I think that the States, the whole world needs to be converted. Tons of people these days are being led astray. Thinking murdering children is helping the mothers life, thinking preventing like if OK, thing to be Gay is Ok, well…newsflash. IT’S NOT.

God Bless

I’m not sure if the divide has to do with people being personally touched by an issue. Looking at the differences, I’d hazard a guess that it’s easier to see the “good side” of the issues people are most divided on.

Babies are wonderful blessings, and, to many people’s way of thinking, euthanasia is good because it relieves suffering, and gay/lesbian relationships celebrate love. (I’m stumped on abortion.)

With suicide, polygamy, or an affair, it’s much harder to rationalize and find a “good side”. Just a thought.

Abortion may be seen as “freeing” women (and, in some instances, secondarily, men) from being “trapped” by an earlier mistake or poor choice in sexuality. “Freedom” is always a good thing, right??:confused:

With suicide, polygamy, or an affair, it’s much harder to rationalize and find a “good side”. Just a thought.

It is easy to imagine being the victim of these actions: a survivor of suicide; a single person whose potential “mates” have been co-opted through polygamy (as long as genders remain approximately equal in numbers, polygamy will mean some people will go unmated); or the “cheated-on” party resulting from an affair.

The “benefits” of these actions are nonexistent (to those not choosing them); while the consequences are prospectively hideous.

I think you are correct, the problem obviously is that those who think this way do not understand what love or suffering is. And this in a nut shell is what is wrong with our society/culture; including the majority of Catholics.

Our culture has been lulled into thinking that all suffering is a bad thing to be avoided at ALL cost. Thankfully Christ did not believe that.

Love is concern for anothers immortal soul. Does anyone believe that homosexual relationships are good for ones immortal soul? If so, they are not paying attention. Homosexual (and any illicit sex) is for self gratification (or even for gratification of the partners physical pleasure) not for the good or growth of the spirit.

I’m surprised about 4 being babies out of wedlock, I thought it’d be sex before marriage or contraception. I thought a lot of people might still at least think it was preferable that couples with children be married.

With respect to #4: Having a baby outside of marriage, there seems to be some moral ambivalence among many.

The thinking is: well, babies are a good thing, aren’t they? And babies have no control over who their parents are or whether or not they are married. And as to women having babies outside of marriage, who are we to judge?

(This whole “can’t judge” thing is leading us down a sinkhole, but that’s another essay entirely.)

The problem goes back to having sex outside of marriage, and of course, no one wants to judge anyone in that regard either.

Contraception supposedly broke the link between sex and procreation. But it really didn’t, because mother nature does not like to be fooled or toyed with.

Now, babies are regarded as sort of an unintended side effect, rather than reason that sex was invented. But they are cute, and if the mom didn’t flush them down the sink, she is to be praised.

What’s forgotten in all this, is that huge numbers of children are being deprived of fathers. And they are entitled to fathers–and mothers–as a natural right. The family is intended to be the natural unit of society. Instead, the family is being atomized into individual sub-familial particles, which makes for instability in individuals and society and culture.

Think of the movie “Juno,” in which Juno was happy to place her unborn child ahead of time with a well-to-do intact family: mom and dad. But it turns out Dad wasn’t committed to being a father just yet. He was still working on finding himself. So the child ends up with a single-parent mom anyway.

And that’s the modern version of a happy ending.

I find it sad that in the third poll, it showed that most men though that abortion was morally acceptable than women, 41-36. Shows how much the pro-abortion movement has convinced men that if you are against abortion, you are a sexist.

However, this poll is more interesting to me, almost sad.

It is sad that Catholics and “the world” seem to agree on abortion.

I’m not surprised that the same is true on SCR. Most of us can know victims, or can imagine being victims, of the conditions SCR promises to cure. Since the embryos are already in existence and most will not live, forgoing the research seems to be a matter of “abstract philosophy” versus human need. Nonphilosophers, of which I am one, have a difficult time relating to such concerns.


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