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** Four More North Carolina Judges Resign Over Refusal To Conduct Same-Sex Weddings **

Six Magistrates Have Now Stepped Down Because of Gay Marriage Legalization

Since gay marriage was legalized in North Carolina on Oct. 10, at least six North Carolina judges have resigned from their benches because they do not want to go against their Christian faith and conduct wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples.

While it was reported last week that Rockingham County magistrate John Kallam Jr. and Swain County magistrate Gilbert Breedlove resigned from their positions because of the legalization of gay marriage, media reports have surfaced indicating that at least four other magistrates have done the same.

Well, that’s one way to answer this dilemma. :clapping:

Admirable to act with such conviction. What if all of the Judges who give out wedding licenses resigned? There may well be parts of NC where they might find it difficult to find a judge who would issue such licenses.


Wow! I am impressed.:thumbsup:


Ditto. Very impressive. I hope I have that kind of courage if I ever get in that dilemma. It is so funny, you think you know people - you don’t. Some of us are so much stronger than others. Has absolutely nothing to do with being vocal or talking about courage or conviction…you find out what you are made of at the moment of impact, not one second before…:wink:


If they are unwilling to perform the responsibilities of the job, then it’s probably best they resigned.


Kind of a silly move, I must say. Maybe they can go work for Catholic Charities.
I am not impressed.



A difficult situation -I wonder what implications this might have for judicial decisions concerning the sanctity of life?
I hope that our church will offer (and it may well have done this) guidance concerning civil marriage versus sacramental marriage and how faithful Catholics might negotiate this terrain.
May God bless our bishops as they labor on our behalf.


Pehaps North Carolina should look at re-evaluating the job responsibilities for judges. In many states performing marriages is a duty that judges can perform but is not required.


What people miss is that you may well have some real-life examples here where people think if they do these things, they will go to hell. I can’t argue with that.


Bravo! It is a brave thing to do. However, they will soon be replaced with persons who will satisfy the new requirements of the bench. They will be replaced with persons who** will **marry the gays.



Hello PathFinder.

Would you marry two gays if you had the job and they stepped into your office and asked that you perform their wedding? It isn’t about going to Hell but I suspect it may contribute to one’s final destination. It is about living what you believe and having the courage to stick to your convictions in the face of increasing political pressure to the contrary.



A law that goes against the natural law is no law. So how could it be their responsibility?


:clapping: :yyeess:


I trust that would not happen…since not all judges are opposed to same-sex marriage.



I’m sure there will still be some judges who are okay with gay “marriage.” I applaud those who live according to their convictions. I would do the same, if I were in the same situation. There should be provisions that would not require the judges to compromise their faith, but I guess we have gone past the respect of others’ religious beliefs.


“the gays” = your brothers and sisters.



“two gays”?

They are *people. *



God will provide for those who love him. Better to not enforce man-made laws than risk eternity by breaking Divine and Natural Law.


Do you think they didn’t know they would be replaced? Surely they knew. This is a matter of holding principle and being faithful to God. No one is irreplaceable, but nothing can replace being a loyal Christ follower.


Graham County where one of the Judges resigned is actually very remote and rural, in the Smokey Mountains, Appalachia, this is no cosmopolitan area. An advocate for same-sex marriages indicated many marriages in 60 counties have been performed so we will see.


Henry VIII replaced Thomas More, didn’t he?

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