Four new priests, and three right behind


Yahoo! In our little corner of the world, we will have four new priests ordained soon, and three more not far behind.
God is Good…

Just had to whoop it up there for a minute.!! :extrahappy::extrahappy::extrahappy:


Great news! We need all the priests we can get.


AWESOME!!! Indeed, God is wonderful!!! So happy to hear this! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!


Our parish priest says that we have a record number of seminarians for our Diocese. In the next two years, we will hopefully ordain 8 new priests. :smiley: I think we are entering a Springtime for the Church.:dancing: These are wonderful happenings to celebrate.


My dear friend

i rejoice with you. I’ll pray all keeps going well there. It’s wonderful news.

God bless you:)



Thats awesome! I’m not sure how many we have in our diocese, but Alleluia! The Lord is providing workers for His Vineyard!


I second that whoop! That’s wonderful to hear!


Oh my, we do feel good. Our prayers are getting noticed…


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