Four-star General James Cartwright pleads guilty to mishandling confidential information


A retired U.S. Marine Corps general who last served as vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff pleaded guilty on Monday in a federal court to making false statements to the FBI during an investigation into leaks of classified information.

Four-star General James Cartwright was questioned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2012 over a book written by New York Times reporter David Sanger, which exposed a malicious computer software program known as “Stuxnet” designed to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program.

Cartwright also in 2012 confirmed classified information about an unnamed country to Daniel Klaidman, then a reporter for Newsweek, according to his plea agreement.

He retired from the U.S. Marine Corps in September 2011, four months before he began providing information to Sanger, the plea agreement said.

“I knew I was not the source of the story, and I didn’t want to be blamed for the leak,” said Cartwright of his effort to mislead FBI agents in a statement released after he pleaded guilty on Monday. “My only goal in talking to the reporters was to protect American interests and lives.”

Cartwright’s guilty plea was for his false statements to FBI agents, not for speaking to the reporters, said Cartwright’s attorney Gregory Craig, of Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom, in a separate statement: “His effort to prevent publication of information that might harm American lives of national security does not constitute a violation of any law.”


Washington Post a few hours ago:

**General Cartwright is paying the price for Hillary Clinton’s sins.



Not clear how what he admitted to was capable of preventing publication of some other damaging information. But whatever that was, I have no need to know.


I had NO IDEA about this until this morning. I was watching [on YouTube] Trump’s talk in Colorado Springs yesterday and he mentioned he had seen it in yesterdays Wall Street Journal and tore out the article and handed it to General Flynn and asked and so, when Trump talked yesterday, Trump had General Flynn come to the microphone and discuss it.

Flynn said it was not as bad as Hillary’s situation with mishandling classified information and her problems with the FBI.

There was another general as well with Trump and both generals discussed it with the audience.


It might have been at Grand Junction, Colorado.


If only the general had had the presence of mind to run for political office somewhere as a democrat instead of retiring. Then the FBI would have protected him.


Politics in the U.S. have become so corrupt and dishonorable that no upright person would want to run for any higher office. This administration seems to be facilitating the same effect in the military among general officers.


It’s a shame that this story is being used to discredit a current Presidential candidate. Or ‘this administration.’

Based on my readings of non-classified intelligence literature, this is not a one-time case. There have been other instances. In fact, a person is usually assigned under the heading of “document security” to make sure classified materials are not left lying around by accident or intent. Classified materials, in print or electronic form, have special access procedures. A four-star General should know better about lying to the FBI. I find bringing up this case as an example of political mud-slinging in thinly disguised form.



So should a Secretary of State, who, as head of a department was not just responsible personally for compliance with laws on classified material and the FOIA law, but was also responsible for the compliance of an entire Department of the federal government.

Interesting who gets a pass on this stuff and who is held accountable to the law. Kind of like using the IRS/FBI/DHS/ATF as attack dogs to intimidate political opposition. There is no rule of law in the US anymore, just the application of power.


The “they’re all like that” argument is not a good argument. If there is no rule of law anymore, then I suggest contacting a legal group.



Well, I now tell the judge when I am called to jury duty I will not vote to convict anyone of anything. State, local and now fed government aids and abets the violation of immigration law on a massive scale. Don’t see any reason to vote to convict someone of violating any other law. Amnesty for one, amnesty for all.

I do not obey the law out of a sense there is a system of justice, simply due to fear of prosecution.

Sadly, it appears that we as a nation are about to put our seal of approval on the concept that there is a class of people that are above/beyond the law.


Regarding your last sentence, regarding any time period, powerful people did what they pleased without the approval of the peasants. The concept is not exclusive to the present or the US.



No, but it is contrary to the foundational principles of our republic. They’re supposed to be our employees, not our rulers.

But, as one of the peasants I will not cooperate in convicting other peasants while the political class gets or takes a pass. In my state, the politicians quite often exempt themselves from the laws they impose on the rest of us.


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