Four Witnesses

What a wonderful book! Many thanks to those here at CA who suggested reading this book by John Bennett. If you are interested in the documented history of the early Church, in context with the history of the time THIS IS THE RESOURCE YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR !

Superb reading for talking to any Protestant who claims the early Church was similar to the Bible-only Christians of today. Just the Afterword by Mr Bennett of the disappointment that he found supporting the Evangelical faith he was born into and the overwhelming revelation of the roots of the Catholic Church that lead to his conversion in 1996 is excellent reading.

What an incredible endorsement of our Catholic Faith



I just recently read this book, and it is great. He doesn’t approach the subject particularly as a Catholic apologist, but as someone looking to find what the early church was like, and he shows us how and what he finds.

I’ll give my thumbs up on this book also, very enjoyable, easy reading.

that’s it - you have all convinced me…

Thank you friend…I have been looking for such a book :wink:

Your quite welcome! Pass it on.

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