FOX 35 Investigation Reveals Inflated Florida Coronavirus Numbers

From a couple weeks ago but I have not seen this reported here . . .

Something very fishy with these numbers.


FOX 35 Investigation Reveals Inflated Florida Coronavirus Numbers


14 Jul 2020

A FOX 35 investigation released on Monday discovered an inflation of coronavirus cases by the Florida Department of Health. The Sunshine State’s health authorities misreported the number of persons testing positive for coronavirus in its aggregation and publication of test results from laboratories.

FOX 35 anchor Charles Billi explained the impetus for the investigation. He said, “We found numerous labs that are only reporting positive test results, so they show a 100-percent positivity rate. That got our attention.” . . .

. . . According to the latest publication of statewide test results from the Florida Department of Health, published on Friday, several testing facilities’ positivity rates for coronavirus tests were 27.66, 33.33, 37.10, 40, 43.13, 44.44, 50, 55, 57.14, 59.23, 60, 87.5, 91.18, and 100.

Twenty-two labs reported 100-percent positivity rates. Two labs reported 91.18-percent positivity rates.

The Florida Department of Health’s stated positivity rates and associated volume of coronavirus cases does not match claims made by the testing facilities, reported FOX 35 . . .

. . . Countless labs have reported a 100 percent positivity rate, which means every single person tested was positive. Other labs had very high positivity rates. FOX 35 found that testing sites like Centra Care reported that 83 people were tested and all tested positive. Then, NCF Diagnostics in Alachua reported 88 percent of tests were positive.

How could that be? FOX 35 News investigated these astronomical numbers

“The report also showed that the Orlando Veteran’s Medical Center had a positivity rate of 76 percent,” added FOX 35. “A spokesperson for the VA told FOX 35 News on Tuesday that this does not reflect their numbers and that the positivity rate for the center is actually 6 percent.”

The outlet added:

“FOX 35 News went on to speak with the Florida Department of Health on Tuesday. They confirmed that although private and public laboratories are required to report positive and negative results to the state immediately, some have not. Specifically, they said that some smaller, private labs were not reporting negative test result data to the state.”

FOX 35’s Robert Guaderrama is awaiting a response from state officials regarding the health department’s errors . . .

The number of deaths are not inflated…seems some just can’t let go of the lie about Covid being a hoax…but if its not, its the fault of China, etc.


It’s not a hoax. But it is being way over blown. Something like 4% of the population has contracted it in 6 months. Of that 4% like .004% have died. I’m no math magician but out of a population of 320 million people that’s not a really big number. Sure, any one death is a tragedy for the persons family, but it’s really not something to the country on it’s head over.


Lots of those who have recovered have respiratory and heart problems, a majority I think. it’s not like you just recover and are fine.


I keep hearing that, and I’m sure there are cases of it, but from the 2 people I’ve known personally who had it, one was in their 30s and it did knock them hard. She was bed ridden for two weeks but has since made a full recovery and has no lasting damage. The other was a gentleman in his 80s and the only reason he even knew he had it was because he had to get tested after someone he knew tested positive. He showed no symptoms and is still healthy as a horse.

Anecdotes aren’t data I know, but I tend to trust more what I can see for myself than what the talking box tells me. Clearly this virus hits some people differently than others.


The second part of that sentence contradicts the first part.

“Anecdotes aren’t data, I know, but by golly, I’m going to trust those anecdotes anyway!”


Life is full of contradictions

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This is not what was said.
It isn’t even close.

Why are you building a straw man?

Most people tend to trust personal experience.

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Only wish more people would trust their own personal experience than hanging their hats on the stuff put out in the WH Press Room, Rose Garden, or POTUS’s tweeter account!

My own personal experience is that I know three people, one teenager and two adults, who contacted the disease and had mild cases.

If I only used my personal experience, I would advocate that the disease is harmless and everyone should go back to normal tomorrow.

That clearly is not a good strategy.

My own is that the popular media lies pretty much all the time. I see no reason to take anything at face value.


That’s an odd reply to what I posted. But, whatever.

I tend to believe stories with real quotes from real people or from reporters with a history of being right.

How many people do you personally know who make personal decision based on anything the president or anyone in his administration says or does? Because I don’t know anyone.

Not sure how any regular visitor to this category can even make such a claim with a straight face!

It’s a political season,sooooooo…you know🤔


Actually, that was one of my first lessons in the popular media lying.

Many, many years ago, a story was done at my school. I was honored to be able to follow along the reporter for the story.
I was there. I did see what happened and what people said.

And then I read the piece in the paper.
The quotes were simply made up.
The events made up
The entirety was fiction.

I am now especially wary of quotes.

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I don’t personally know anyone on this forum. But even here I’ve never seen anyone say Trump said to drink bleach to kill corona so I’m going to or anything remotely close to such.

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Is the implication here that I am some kind of despot?

If not, you may want to reconsider your words to make yourself clear.

Before you get carried away, if you understand the definition of what a despot is, you would realize there was no implication that you are some kind of despot:

A despot is a ruler with absolute authoritative power and who typically exercises that power in a cruel and oppressive manner.

The only way it could have been implied you were a despot is if the poster knew you were a ruler with absolute authoritative power…Even if you are, its doubtful the poster knew that.

So, if you are not a ruler, you may want to reconsider your own words to make yourself clear!

So Trump is responsible for the inflated covid count?

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