Fox gives religious liberty the short shaft

For all the huffing and puffing that the Obama Administration is bent on canceling our religious freedom, Fox questioners steered clear of the subject at last night’s debate. In two hours, there was but one question on the subject…
So there you have it. I’d say that the wise heads and focus group gurus in the GOP have determined that alleged threats to their religious freedom are no big deal for voters this election season.

I would assume that was because the purpose of an all-Republican forum was to tease out the differences among the candidates (not that Fox did a particularly good job at that). It would be safe to say that all of those candidates think far more of religious liberty and the importance of the First Amendment than does the Obama administration or the Democrat Party.

Actually, the FOX debate had only one purpose, and it may have met its objection.

FOX wanted to destroy Donald Trump, or put Donald Trump into a position where he would destroy himself.

The entire debate was to shore up the GOP by getting Trump out of the way before he did even further damage to the party.

This is something I don’t get. Trump has stayed in the political spotlight for the past ten years or so because of FOX. Why would the network want to sink one of it’s most valuable personalities?

The quoted part of the link in the original post sounds just like another excuse to water down the ol’ conscience to keep voting for anti-life, anti-marriage, anti-religious liberty politicians :rolleyes:

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Neither is the environment.

Being a “political atheist”, I didn’t watch the debates. But I did find the article interesting in that the subject of religious liberty, a subject VERY MUCH on the minds of many Americans, was never touched. Catholics and Protestants should have heard what the candidates had to say about how the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage will affect churches and Christian colleges.
It is a VERY relevant question, and Fox ignored it.

^^^This. Bear in mind also that the questions used during the debate were chosen from questions tweeted/facebooked/whatevered to the network by the viewers. It is likely that Fox viewers are fairly comfortable with the religious liberty positions of all the candidates. None of them holds a controversial stand on that subject.

Perhaps. I assume FOX’s purpose of Thursday’s debate was to destroy (politically) Donald Trump (or set the table for Trump to destroy himself),and put an end to the damage he is doing to the GOP.

If my assumption is correct, FOX may have met the objective, in my opinion, that was FOX’s agenda for the first debate.

Hi Eric,
Point taken…but out of curiosity (I tried to send you a private message from your info page, but it wouldn’t allow me, so I’m posting here)…

My post was removed, which addressed FOX while using their treatment of a specific candidate as an example of what I thought was their objective.

Was the removal a hack by an outsider? I only ask because typically, when a post is taken down, a personal message from a moderator usually follows.


You should be able to PM me. I cleaned out messages from six years ago last month, so there is plenty of room.
I deleted the posts to keep the thread on topic, which I did post.

So questions to a politician are based on rhetoric the candidates proclaim, not in depth analysis of how they would affect change?

Maybe because there is no threat to religious liberty in America?

HHS Mandate




Hey guys,

You live in a country where 70% of the population shares you religion. Where 90% of the elected officials are christian. Where the police force is overwhelmingly christian. Where you can pick up the phone book or internet and find dozens of churches within a few miles of you. Churches advertise on billboards and TV.

You live in a country where your churches are afforded special tax exempt status and can even hire the local police forces to direct traffic so that worshippers leaving the service aren’t inconvenienced.

You live in a country were every president ever has been Christian.

You can wear symbols of your faith opening and without fear of reprisal.

Where the birth control mandate was struck down by the highest court in the land due to a corporation’s “sincerely held religious belief”.

Truly you live in a hell of discrimination and intolerance. :shrug:

This post is brilliant.

Wish I could correct all the spelling and grammar errors.

Indeed. For most of the life of these United States, people have been free to exercise their religious beliefs, by and large. This is thanks to the founding understanding of religious liberty, that it is more than just freedom of worship, and that the right of individuals to exercise thi freedom extends into their everyday lives, their businesses, and speech. Perhaps no where else, at no time in history, has any people lived more free in the religious beliefs, than here in these United States.

I think what you are hearing from posters might be a fear that this is changing, as witnessed by the requirements under the Affordable Care Act, and other recent events.


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