Fox News' Anna Kooiman Falls For Parody About Obama Funding Muslim Museum


Fox News’ Anna Kooiman Falls For Parody About Obama Funding Muslim Museum

Fox News host Anna Kooiman fell for a fake story that said President Obama is using his own money to keep a museum dedicated to Muslim culture open during the government shutdown.

The government has been shut down since Tuesday. The co-hosts of “Fox and Friends Saturday” lamented the closure of the World War II Memorial, which Kooiman claimed “doesn’t seem fair especially” because “President Obama has offered to pay out of his own pocket for the museum of Muslim culture.”

The fake report came from National Report, a parody news site. The story said that Obama told reporters earlier this week that the shutdown was “a great time to learn about the faith of Islam.”

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

"Yahoo News pointed out that while it’s possible the now-missing disclaimer could lead one to the conclusion that the National Report is legit news, a once-over glance would have been revealing: "(T)he National Report currently contains a set of “news” headlines such as “Jesus Christ boycotts Hobby Lobby,” and “Police barge into kindergarten classroom and taser multiple children ‘for the check of it.’”

I think we can safely conclude that the biggest joke of all here is on Kooiman and Fox News."

New Hounds…“We watch Fox so you don’t have to”

Watching FOX & Friends [or almost any FOX News show, for that matter, but **especially FOX & Friends] for accurate political news and proper fact-checking is like watching The View for an intellectual debate. It just isn’t going to happen.

FOX & Friends] for accurate political news and proper fact-checking is like watching The View for an intellectual debate. It just isn’t going to happen.

Yeah, I stopped watching Fox & Friends, even for my own amusement, after Brian Kilmeade went on a tirade about how horrible and wrong Rosie O’Donnell is because “she sees the world through lesbian eyes.” Not only was the remark offensive, but I thought he was going to start foaming at the mouth. One thing is certain, FOX News does a terrible job of vetting information before their anchors and pundits broadcast it to the world.

Won’t watch anything but FOX anymore. All the rest are a big waste of time… Sorry Anna was fooled. Don’t suppose anyone else around here has never in their lifetime fallen for something.
Hmm. April Fool!

We also don’t host a news program where our entire job is making sure that we don’t say anything factually incorrect. If you aren’t willing to do even a basic level of fact-checking before attacking someone on air, you shouldn’t be working in media.

MSNBC is worse. Though FOX is still pretty bad.

I used to watch Fox news up until a couple of years ago when Sean Hannity told a guest that he doesn’t have any friends who are Democrats…and this was the “fair and balanced” channel…I still like watching O’reilly…even one of my son-in-laws has been brain-washed by some on Fox… and Limbaugh…etc…anyone who is extreme right -wing…every time my wife and I visit he ends up ranting and raving about the Democrats until he gets red in the face and starts cussing us out because I tell him I don’t need anyone for me to make up my mind who I’ll vote for…if it wasn’t for our daughter I’d haul off and pop him on the nose…the kicker is…I’m a Republican and vote Republican…but because I don’t follow along blindly like he does I don’t deserve to be called a Republican…politics has become so polarized on both sides that people can’t even be civil to one another… I’ll stick to watching EWTN.

Everyone knows Obama would never spend his own money on something like that. Tax payer money of course, never his own money. Everyone knows that.

That is hilarious.

I used to laugh when they ran a story about Republican wrong doing and then labeled the guy as a Democrat. They did it three times that I remember. They always blamed it on the techie.

They did it twice alone with Mark Foley.

It seems that I remember a NBC ‘news program’ that used forged papers that ‘proved’ that Bush 43 did some thing wrong when it came to his serves in the National Air Guard. :eek: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

That’s the name I couldn’t remember. Thank you.

Are you talking about the time he disappeared when he knew a drug test was in his future?

True, but there’s a big difference between working off of something which appeared to be correct and working off of something that is obviously derivative of The Onion.

Since Fox newsreaders are not journalists it comes as no great surprise. There are many other examples, not just Fox, of newsreaders making fools of themselves on air.
But I must admit Fox seems to invite parody.

People get fooled all the time, even journalists. Palestinian terrorists, for example, used to like to toy with journalists by planting a few children’s toys in the pile of rubble left behind by Israeli bombers, in order to give the photojournalists works more of an emotional focus.

The problem with parody these days is that some of the things that actually happen in the real world are wilder than the fictional satire designed to exaggerate the ridiculous.

That is no excuse for a journalist not to check out her sources thoroughly. To do less is to act in an unprofessional manner, and it does much to discredit the journalist and her employers in the eyes of the consuming public.

Then again, ‘trust’ no longer describes the relationship between the consumer of the news and the news providers. Fox has striven more on the front of providing news that is an invigorating and entertaining and provocative. There is nothing wrong with that per se, and most of the viewers understand well enough that the news presented comes with a lot of opinion and point of view.

Correction,Dan Rather reported a bogus news story ,causing him to be fired.

Ah yes-the" fake but accurate" excuse.

There is also a big difference between repeating something in casual conversation during “fill time” and reporting it as an investigative fact.

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