Fox News apologizes for falsely reporting that Clinton faces indictment


Fox News apologizes for falsely reporting that Clinton faces indictment


Fox News anchor Bret Baier apologized Friday for reporting that federal investigators had determined that Hillary Clinton’s private email server had been hacked and that an investigation would lead to an indictment of Clinton after the election.

In fact, Baier said, after checking with his sources, there is no evidence at this time for either statement.

Baier, the anchor of Fox’s evening newscast “Special Report,” went on the air Wednesday to report that the FBI had determined that Clinton’s private server, which she used while serving as secretary of state, had been hacked by “five foreign intelligence agencies.”

He further said on Thursday, during an interview with Fox’s Brit Hume, that a separate FBI investigation — of the charitable Clinton Foundation — would “likely” lead to an indictment of Clinton after Tuesday’s election.

I guess facts don’t matter to some just alt-right wing conspiracy theories


Just wait. Someone here will pass blame to democrats.

Wait for it.


Wow. :rolleyes:

Now I’ll wait for Sean and Rush to apologize. Goodness knows they would never lie to their listeners.


There are facts and then there is spin…

Bret Baier did not intend to infer that Clinton was about to be indited by the FBI. The FBI can’t indite anyone; only a Grand Jury can do that and the FBI wouldn’t be bringing it to a Grand Jury, the DOJ would (and as we all know by now the DOJ is in the control of the Democratic party and is not about to do that without a lot more evidence in the public domain than we have now.)

This article sums up where we are now pretty well:

No, Bret Baier’s multi-part scoop on the FBI’s Clinton probes hasn’t been “debunked”

Facts that the WP article doesn’t make disappear:
]* The Clinton Foundation probe is real, expansive, and has been active for more than a year.
*] Despite reports of an unusual side deal, top Hillary aides’ personal computers that factored into the FBI’s email investigation were not destroyed, and in fact are still being exploited.
*] Agents working on the reinitiated email probe have discovered new, non-duplicate emails from Clinton’s server on Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner’s personal computer.
] Barring DOJ “obstruction,” Clinton Foundation-related indictments are “likely,” Baier’s FBI sources say.
] FBI analysts believe with near certainty that at least five foreign intelligence agencies penetrated Mrs. Clinton’s unsecure server, which contained thousands of classified emails — some extremely sensitive.


IMHO, Clinton’s associates and also Clinton is really in deep, deep trouble; and this isn’t going to go away any time soon.





Please spare me the visual:eek:


Nor does it seem to matter to those who throw “Alt-right” around as if it has any meaning beyond being a slur against any one who is less liberal than Hillary Clinton.

The usual “meaning” of “Alt-right” doesn’t fit Bret Baier anyway.

I hear Baier explain that he didn’t mean to say or imply that the FBI would, or even could, “indict” anybody. The Justice Dept has to do that.

Where I think Baier really was wrong was in imagining that this Justice Dept or Hillary Clinton’s Justice Dept would ever indict her or anyone else in her syndicate, no matter what the evidence is. They’re too compromised to do that.


Yes,this is true!


Thanks for posting!


It cracks me up how the Left still thinks the Right gets their news from Fox. Honestly, Fox News is just controlled opposition, funded and operated by the Ministry of Truth. It’s a network for cuckservatives, at best.

(For those unfamiliar: “cuckservative” = RINO sellouts who repeatedly let OmniGov have their way. )


This story showed up posted by one of my Facebook friends. My comment was, “Promises, promises!”


Rush Limbaugh gives me the creeps. Nails on a chalkboard. Ugh!

Now I’m conservative, but he’s loopy. Trashing people all the time, he doesn’t talk he whines in that nasal voice. Just nails on a chalkboard.



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That’s why my family voted for clinton ,at the last minute.we just cannot vote for someone who despises anybody ,that is not going to vote or does not like him,possibly 90% of the total world population .this is worse than the abortion ,gay marriage and other non conditional issues ,combined.I used to watch fnc religiously ,especially the prime time shows.we switched to an indep cable news,as i just couldn’t stomach the hate being preached on that channel.i have attended each trump and hillary’s rallies .on the former,the hatred ,negative sentiments of people attending is pervasive ,all you hear was “lock her up”,"kill her " .most of them just abhor her and her supporters .but ,when i attended tHillary’s campaign ,i sensed love,positivity and real christian life atmosphere.the choice was clear!




Thank you for publishing the facts. It would have been far better if they had convened a grand jury months ago and had gotten this over with.


Abortion trumps everything to me. Trumps running mate is. Kaine gets 100% pp rating. If she is indicted or dies in office this pro choice Catholic in name only will be president. However. If Trump gets elected and impeached, Pence will be president. As a Cstholic this is a serious thing to me. It also should be to minorities because PP slaughters many of them


Love, positivity, and real Christian life atmosphere? None of those apply to Hillary Clinton.


And trump has those qualities?

This coming from the man that got into it with the pope in February?

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