Fox News Host Calls on ‘Healthy People’ to ‘Have Some Courage’ and Get Infected With Coronavirus

At least it’s on Fox.

I wonder if a lawsuit by the families of elderly people who watch this stuff and have gotten sick is possible.

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It might be legal to say," it would be good if you hurl yourself off a cliff."

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I’d say he lead the way by being infected first.

Practice what he preaches.

I bet he’s got medical insurance.

How about those that don’t have medical insurance due to being unemployed?

Should they get infected purposely knowing they can’t afford medical care?

His privilege is talking.


The article says he is a news host and one time considered politician but mentioned nothing about his medical credentials?

You make a great point. The statement is outrageous. A complete disregard for the fact he is talking to human beings.

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Is this what Sweden is doing? Lets get sick together so we all build a immunity to the virus? Isn’t this like Russian Roulette? Will my exposure to the virus be positive (I have antibodies now) or negative (I’m dead). I think I’ll take my chances by avoiding the virus. I like washing my hands.

And hurry up and do it so I don’t loose my tee time

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I’m not political and I hope the best for all Americans. But one of the lessons covid taught me is we as a country maybe to utilitarian as a people. I’m sure the church frowns on utilitarianism as it takes the way the sanctity of life. Marxists wold be utilitarian.

What utilitarian states is your government maximizes happiness for the most amount of people. Sounds, nice but the problem is that the individual persons rights and well being are ignored in favor of the majority. So, of course many abortion arguments are premised on utilitarianism.

So, it’s sad that some people think that sacrifices have to be made for the sake of the economy or worse the stock market. Again, there are large swaths of people unemployed right now and many would like to get back to work. I feel for them, but it is very Marxist to ask people who are otherwise healthy and who are financially fine to risk getting sick so everyone can get back to work.

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Why don’t all of the Fox Family and Friends lead the way by being infected first. What a novel-corona concept.



Lead by example


20% of the work force is on unemployment.
Those tens of millions have no health insurance in all likelihood along with dependants also uninsured.

No, I know that. Tomorrow unemployment numbers come out. Last month First quarter gdp came out and we are at -4.8% and that didn’t make major news and the stock market keeps going up. Someone on the radio said we may see depression era unemployment. I hope they are wrong.

Don’t get angry let’s have a constructive conversation as fellow Catholics. The way I view this is that Covid is the catalyst for inherent structural problems in the labor force market. The fundamental problem is that there are large swaths of Americans who don’t have job security. And the old liberal meme of everyone get in debt to go to college isn’t going to work anymore.

Someone, whoever at the State and Local level or even the Federal level has to support the unemployed. Again, I don’t believe in socialism. While I liked my stimulus check and paid off a credit card with it, it seems at the Federal level the response has been to give people money, give out more debt and print money. I don’t think that is going to work. Again, at least the Republicans acknowledged the problem, the Democrats have not even acknowledged the problem. I didn’t vote for Hillary because she had no platform. I probably won’t vote for Biden because it doesn’t seem he has a platform.

I’m sorry of this sounds cynical but I don’t trust the media or those at the top. If Trump comes up with solutions by the next election I’ll vote for him. But I really haven’t seen those solutions, he seems to be doing what any other Republican would do, tax cuts, low interest rates, short term loans. OK, all of that will support the stock market, but that is not going to help that twenty percent you named that live month to month and don’t have job security. The liberal media making up terms like the sharing economy or the gig economy isn’t going to help when all they are doing is giving job insecurity a fancy name.

Again, official unemployment numbers come out tomorrow let’s see if that makes the news and if the market reacts.

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