Fox News is to Responsible Journalism as

Fox News is to responsible journalism as ________ is to ________ .


“Blizzard is to Druids”…?

Would that be “Blizzard” the company, or Blizzard the spell? :confused: shot

Additional Question: Are you referring to WoW Druids or Diablo II Druids? shot again

Blizzard is to Druids! :smiley: Had to vote that one just cause I’m a geek. :stuck_out_tongue: Maelstrom/Alliance/Human/Paladin/Protection ^^

the back of a cereal box is to War and Peace

humming Happy Birthday on a comb covered with tissue paper is to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra playing Beethoven’s 5th

Oprah is to Thomas Aquinas

Mashed potatoes is to gravy. :smiley:

What’s telling about what the media reports isn’t the things you see. All journalists tell the truth for the most part, as networks cannot afford to be caught lying. However, what separates them is the information that you don’t see at all. Fox News has made the last ten years encouraging for conservatives by showing the stories that others ignore because of their bias. The tea parties last week was the last straw, as now it is no secret that CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, and other guilty parties don’t even pretend to be objective anymore, but we already knew that. :thumbsup:

As the Democratic party is to pro abortion

From what I can tell, Fox News is the only major news outlet that hasn’t canonized the Obamas. If it weren’t for Fox, we’d never know what was going on.

Second this and add that maybe other stations don’t outright lie, but they do have quite a “skill” at exageration (especially the weaknesses of their enemies) and focusing on the ill or weaknesses of those they don’t like while ignoring any good they might have done. for example.

They always COLOR the truth with their particular slant.

Cuz the TEA party things weren’t organized in part by Fox News so they could have something to report on…:rolleyes:

I hear you, brother. :smiley:

Make another poll. “The Tea Parties were to democracy in action as Astroturf is to grass.”

Foxnews is hit and miss for me. Somethings are silly, somethings are bang on, especially in relation to the other big networks. I think they’re an alternate point of view and I definately appriciate that alternate point of view.

Best example I know how to compare Fox news to almost all of the other networks.

Fox reported and thought it was a disgrace that Miss California was ridiculed for her position on gay marriage.

Most of the others thought she should have been ridiculed.

The vast majority of the media are trying (and successfully for many) to make what used to be normal and moral — now nutjobs.

The moral erosion is getting worse.

Fox News is to responsible journalism as squeegee is to a dirty window.

“News” has become infected with analysis, opinion, sensationalism, celebrity status (of the “reporters” and the “reportees”), political bents, and the desire to please the viewers (for ratings’ sake).

news … responsible journalism … in the same sentence. Is there such an animal nowadays?

Megan Kelly is to cute. :slight_smile:

I value Fox News. In the mainstream media, it’s one against many.

I never fully understood the outrage about one station when the left has CNN, CBS, ABC, etc. etc. If you value free speech, then you should appreciate the existence of Fox News even if your politics lean left.

She is not cute. She is a pretty woman. To call her “cute” is an insult.

Well, I can’t disagree that she’s pretty. I see pretty and cute as orthogonal. Megan is very high on both scales. Of course you could add a third axis for intelligence - she’s high on that one too. In any case, my comments weren’t meant to be offensive. :slight_smile:

Some people are only high on one scale, like Morgan Fairchild, very pretty, but lacking in cute. Others are very cute, but not very pretty, like Goldie Hawn. Others, like Rosie O’Donnell, are . . . well, maybe I’ll just stop here.

:clapping: This is so true. If you want news, watch Fox. If you want to know what the first lady wore today, watch CNN.

…a single puzzle piece is to the whole puzzle. People who wouldn’t watch Fox if their lives depended on it and people who watch only Fox are both not as informed as they might be.

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