Fox News' Megyn Kelly : "Jesus was a white man".

I about spit my coffee all over myself when I heard her say that on her show tonight.

Jesus wasn’t caucasian, he was ethnically ‘palestinian’, Middle-Eastern.

Or am I totally missing something and Megyn Kelly is right? I mean, I have OCD, so I’m always doubting myself.

It just seemed like such a simple thing to know, I can’t believe she said it.

I agree with you, but in what possible context did she say something like that??? :confused:

According to the US Census, Jesus would have been white. Middle Eastern people are routinely classified as white for Census purposes. Of course, to a large extent the notion of race is a social construct.

Since when are Semites, that is, Jews and Arabs not white? The tan , swarthy body color of Mid-Easterners is due to climate, and not heredity. In some cases, some Arabs may be mulatoes; that is, part negro. When you take these people out of their native environment, after one generation they become as pale as most American caucasions.
As proof, just go to an Arab or a Jewish neighborhood in NYC, then compare them with the same people in South Florida.

Technically, even people in India are caucasian.

“Caucasian” technically has more do with hair type, facial bone structures and eyes; than with skin color.

However, what purpose did she even have for making that remark on Fox News? I seriously doubt there was any good reason.


Palestinians are Caucasian. So are Turks, Arabs, Jews, Persians, Indians and a host of other peoples from north Africa and western Asia. Caucasian isn’t defined by skin tone, but more by physical morphology. Now if she means white as implying he was some type of blond haired Viking then I would agree with you.

Jesus was Jewish. There was no “Palestine” at the time. Jews are certainly Caucasian, as are Arabs, Iranians, those of the Indian subcontinent, as well as Europeans.

Agreed. I remember discussing this with a professor in college once. After I presented historical proof, she simply stated people have different opinions. :confused:

Context was a discussion about this article

Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore

There is a huge amount of diversity among Jewish people.

Context was a discussion about this article

Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore

There is a huge amount of diversity among Jewish people.

The trouble is that “white” and “black” are very loosely defined terms, and are best avoided if accuracy is your goal. If you mean “ethnically Caucasian”, then, yes, he was a “white” man. But that term is misleading; plenty of my countrymen are “ethnically Caucasian” but look, if not “black”, then certainly “brown”. :smiley:

Megyn is on TV for 1 reason: she looks like a million bucks and draws ratings. She’s not there because she knows anything about anything, she fulfills both roles admirably.

You might want to check out her recent appearance on Leno. See if you’re of the same opinion still.

I think out of habit most of us would say jesus was “white” because he’s depicted that way in art. Sure he might not have been what we call white, or he might have been. People need to calm down on this issue. It’s not a racist statement. Now if she said he was “european” or that he had light colored hair and blue eyes, then we’d have an issue.

She is a lot smarter than the credit you give her. Research her education.

Of course Jesus was while. He was also a conservative republican. Just like God. :rolleyes:

Jews are Caucasian.

Race does not change over 100 generations.

Although someone did point out that Caucasian is more a matter of skull features than skin, for those who fixate on the skin, there are many MidEasterns today walking around in white skin.


Some people find it more convenient to conform Jesus to themselves rather than conform themselves to Jesus. God had the good sense to make Jesus neither black nor white in skin tone. He saw all this racial foolishness in advance.

Perhaps he was an albino Asian…who cares about the composition of an earthen vessel? It’s his divinity that made him unique, not his humanity.

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