Fox News projects Trump wins Indiana primary with 20 point lead over Cruz


Fox News projects that New York businessman Donald Trump will overwhelmingly beat Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the Hoosier state’s Republican presidential primary, with Fox exit polls and early vote tallies giving the businessman a 20-point lead.

The victory significantly improves Trump’s chances of amassing the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the Republican presidential nomination this summer in Cleveland.

With just nine states remaining in the nominating process, the stop-Trump wing of the Republican Party appears to be rapidly running out of options.


No surprise there.

Congratulations to Donald Trump. Clearly, he has won his race, besting 17 experienced politicians (okay -16, Ben Carson was a horse of a different color).

Maybe he can even rally the Republican establishment behind him. Only time will tell.


I wish it had been Cruz, but I’m not surprised it was Trump, either, LS. He’s just got too much momentum now to have lost.

I have to wonder if he’ll be the nominee or if the RNC will still try to stop him. Personally, even though I don’t like him, I think if he’s got the delegates, he should be the nominee. Anything else would nullify what the voters want.


Great news ::thumbsup: Meanwhile militant leftists will be celebrating an extension of the protest season.


I think the same thing can be said for militant rightists, don’t you? when the time comes, be it at convention or on election day. People are poised for fighting.


or if the RNC will still try to stop him.

That has worked to the point where now Trump for the first time only needs 41% of the remaining delegates to win. What happened was in reverse, he changed the party not visa versa. He’s gonna win regardless who stays or goes. Further the RNC will effectively be changed now. Thats all done now too as basically no-one trusts them. So this party is effectively changing into the new Rep party. imho


Be careful, people here get mad when you speak of their beloved right.


NBC is reporting Cruz to drop out.


Nothing uncharitable was intended. (I’ve noticed quite a few on the beloved left here too).


Oh I was being sarcastic. I once in a while just read people’s post and see their anger when someone mentions the right or left. It’s like, darn dude, chill.


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday suspended his presidential bid for the Republican nomination following a crushing defeat by Donald Trump in the Indiana primary.

Cruz told dismayed supporters the path to victory had been closed.

“I’ve said I would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory; tonight I’m sorry to say it appears that path has been foreclosed,” Cruz told a somber crowd in Indianapolis.


Someone cue the Frank Underwood theme…


Good win Mr. Trump. Annie sang her song "tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow…
Trump is speaking and coming across really good … He certainly thanked and spoke well of his tough competitor - Ted Cruz.

Now it is going to continue and we shall see, but I must say this is all a good sign that the American people are speaking clearly.


Unlike the left, I believe the Trump campaign is attempting to avoid confrontations, and some of the best evidence of that I can offer, is that they tend to release information of rallies on short notice. Trump’s rally in Charleston West Virginia for Thursday was only posted on his site, late this afternoon.


Will Trump modify his views in the general election?


Ted Cruz having exited, I hope John Kasich stays in the race, so that NE, WV, OR, WA, MO, NJ, NM, SD, and CA have a chance to make their voices heard – for the presumptive nominee or against. Nevertheless, it is all but certain that Trump will win.


I suppose that’s the way it is. Mostly I fear for the country no matter who wins at this point.:frowning:




I hope they do, too, for the reason you mentioned. He has no chance, Trump will be the nominee, but the voters should have a choice.



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