Fox News Suspends Contributors for Anti-Obama Profanity (Video)



It sounds like the behaved in an unprofessional way and are paying the price. I am constantly bemused by this sort of stuff. It sounds like comic book politics over there in the US at times. Some of our lot are quite ludicrous at times as are those who interview and comment on them but these sort of remarks would kill your career in the UK or Ireland.


It’s business as usual at that network. I’m surprised there were even consequences.


See now, you show what a blatant bias you have when you try and single out “that network.” And shows you clearly don’t care about this sort of thing anyway, since you are apparently willing to ignore it happening elsewhere and singling out Fox.

Do you need a list of trash spouted by the folks at MSNBC or CNN over the years?

I applaud them for actually doing something, even though it amounts to a Christmas vacation.


Really? What other specific examples do you have of such language being used?


Fox News Derangement Syndrome is alive and well!


Indeed. “Right wing slut”, anyone? I guess all the folks who are now going to complain about this being “business as usual” at Fox stopped watching MSNBC when Schultz made that comment (lest they be hypocrites)

And Fox was right to suspend Peters. That language is unacceptable.


If only your last sentence were applicable to the USA as well. Sadly, it seems that common decency is becoming less common.


Oh,stop with the snarky comments already!:cool:


Yep and yep!:thumbsup:


Have you ever watched FoxNews?


I have a few times, been non-American I’ve only watched it or US news a few times and I found Fox news particularly shrill and unpleasant, it had an unpleasant almost on the edge of hysteria quality at times on the few occasions I watched it.


I have the same reaction to MSNBC


Never watched it but I have watched CNN and not enjoyed their news coverage much either. I found them both like an assault on my nervous system. My preference for news reporting is the BBC, followed by RTE. That said, I wouldn’t support the sort of behaviour described in the article that opened the thread by journalist or reporters on any news show anywhere. It’s disgracefully immature. Some of our own news channels in the UK are beginning to become pretty dire it must be said. That’s been an ongoing process for many years with the soundbite replacing news more and more and posturing and shouting been the order of the day.


Righting “news” isn’t near as baffling as the people who eat it up:D


Ralph Peters is retired military, one would need to look up what his highest office was, he’s an independent and he is pretty sharp. As said, FDR declared war on Japan some 70 plus years ago and he didn’t use niceties and how we needed to be careful not to offend and so on but took the bull by the horns. I don’t know who this Dash is.

There are many people upset out there.

Profanity is crossing the line, I’ve probably heard worse said about politicians from a number of commentators though. You can say close to the same thing without actually cussing. Ralph Peters is an emotional American and yes, some responses we have had may be pitiful.


Over all, such language is uncharitable and unnecessary. And possibly un-Christian, if one has ever known someone who professes to be Christian but use some profanity on occasion, it may make one scratch their head but I can’t judge.

If one gets to left-wing sites like Salon and Huffington Post, I think one can read some excessive words.


Yes I was about that “Right wing slut” comment, too.
Did he ever suffer any consequences for that?

I don’t agree with the profanity, either, unprofessional.


Yes he did, I happened to look it up and I think he was suspended for 2 weeks;

Keith Olberman is another one besides Ed Schultz who may have gotten into trouble or perhaps Olberman’s troubles was from donating to certain politicians thus losing his bias.


Stacey Dash is a former actress and model, best known for playing Alicia Silverstone’s best friend in the movie Clueless (1996). She’s also a former Playboy Playmate.

She got a lot of flak from the Mullahs of the Left Establishment in 2012 when she endorsed Mitt Romney for President, being accused of “selling out” her race because as a black woman she refused to support a black candidate (as if she has a duty to vote for Obama simply because she is black). A lot of people did come to her defence for having the courage to voice her opinions, especially given the far left bias of most Hollywood types.

I have no idea what her qualifications are as a journalist and commentator though.

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