Fox News Suspends Contributors for Anti-Obama Profanity (Video)


What’s even more baffling is this comment.




Not true.


You’re clearly confusing them with MSNBC, NBC, CNN ect


Two weeks time out seems about right for Colonel Peters. He surely offended a lot of innocent kittens.

I am sure a lot of career military officers have a lot of pent-up anger against their commander-in-chief that they were not allowed to express while on active duty.


Nor should they be allowed to exercise it in a manner like that on air either.


Bob Beckel, liberal commentator formerly with Fox, I believe “formerly” is a keyword because after a number of incidences, I believe he was finally given his walking papers. At least some of his transgressions was simply the use of cuss words.


He says as he sits in his parents basement watching MSNBC in his Che Guevara jammies.:stuck_out_tongue:


Not at all.


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