Fox News 'Swedish national security advisor' has no links to authorities


Nils Bildt - who is unknown to Swedish authorities and also has a criminal conviction in the US - was billed by Conservative American television station Fox News as a “Swedish Defense and National Security Advisor”.
Neither the Swedish foreign ministry nor ministry of defence have heard of Bildt, who emigrated from the country in 1994, according to newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

“We have no spokesman by that name,” Marie Pisäter of the Ministry of Defence (Försvarsmakten) told Dagens Nyheter.

The foreign ministry also told the newspaper that it had no link with Bildt.

Bildt appeared on the Fox News channel on Thursday, where he was interviewed by one of the station’s most prominent presenters, Bill O’Reilly.


Fox is in New York. There is also a Swedish mission to the UN in New York. Maybe oreilly’s people should have contacted someone there to confirm?


We’ll have to wait and see what FOX says.

Because, the report says the guy changed his name in 2004 and Sweden says they don’t have (present tense) a spokesman by that name.

Sweden police suppress their immigrant crime info. So they might be playing word games here.

Or maybe FOX didn’t check the background.

But it doesn’t change the fact that Sweden is having violent trouble with their immigrant population assimilating.


This. Also, O’Reilly always does a very profession al job with his television show, and so it would be highly unlikely that he would not ensure the legitimacy of the person he was interviewing before the show aired.


Actually, that’s not a fact, so yes, it would change the fact. Here’s what National Review says about it:

*Some 17 percent of Swedes are foreign-born, but only 3 to 5 percent identify as Muslim. Many of the immigrants who sought refuge in Sweden from the Middle East were Maronite and Assyrian Christians. Others are atheists who were fleeing Islam. They are influenced, Sanandaji argues, more by American gangster rap and The Sopranos than by the Koran. Sweden has had **only one terror attack by a Muslim extremist *(who killed only himself), though that, of course, could change at any time.

Read more at:


Always? Really? This famous YouTube clip begs to differ: (NSFW)

There’s also the time he told a kid who lost his dad in 9/11 to shut up! shut up! shut up!

And the time he…


The title “Swedish national security advisor” can be understood in a number of ways, including:

  1. an advisor to the Swedish national government in security matters. This does not appear to be true in this case.
  2. a Swede who advises any national government is security matters.
  3. a Swede who owns a number of security firms in any nation and offers advice to anyone. This appears to be true in this case.


Like I said in another conversation, what did he SAY, and what was the “truthiness” quotient of that?


Yes, I know about this clip. But, that was not his show. And now, as his website states, “no one except Bill writes anything that he says on air.” I believe that this is because of the incident he had on Inside Edition and his desire to know exactly what is being said always. Does he have a little bit of a temper? Yes. But, his show verifies the facts and communicates them to his audience. Also from the website:

“Each segment of The O’Reilly Factor is assigned to an individual Factor producer, who will research the story thoroughly, double- and triple-check the facts, and, if appropriate, book a guest or two. Bill receives these “packets” of information several hours prior to the program. He studies them carefully, asks for any follow-up if necessary, and writes his own introduction to each segment and then develops a list of questions that he plans to ask our guests.”

No fake news here.


LOL. I think definition three would only be conjured up after the reality became known.

Nice article in the post.

The “national security” firm’s site is down, but but a version cached from Feb 10 is available:


Incorporated in August 2015, Modus World LLC offers expertise and unique world experience from its founding partners, principals and associates. The founding members being: Mr. Nils Bildt, Dr. James Clad, Dr. Robert Gallucci, Dr. William Garvelink and Mr. Mark Perry. Our principals and associates include Dr. Enders Wimbush, Mr. Charles McFetridge, Dr. Marc Vlasic, Mr. Stephen Jones and Mr. Neil MacKinnon. As well as other prominent individuals.

Advice from Modus emphasizes contemporary business and political reality in specific countries and markets. Areas of focus include Geo-Political and Strategic Advice and Scenario Planning, Direct Business and Political Access to key decision makers, and Insight into otherwise opaque commercial/political decision-making in specific countries, as well as Physical Security of Corporate Operations and management of possible Kidnap and Ransom situations. Modus provides tailored ‘alternate futures’ analysis coupled with, practical business and transactional solutions.

Modus principals have been following world political, economic and defense trends throughout their careers and have unique combined experience and in-depth knowledge. This has led to a deep understanding of contemporary issues and trends. We understand the geo-political as well as economic realities behind the current state of affairs and can help our clients develop a strategy to work through such uncertainties. Providing alternative scenario and futures planning and strategic advisory to provide a coherent and implementable framework for thinking about long term and existential issues as well as the immediate needs. Modus members have decades of experience in dealing with leading figures and decision makers in the EU, the USA, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan as well as in Africa and the Middle East.

Modus provides thoughtful and direct advice. Client relationships rest above all on prompt accessibility of Modus principals, not junior staffers. Client relationships are results focused and results-dependent, focused tightly on specific issues or obstacles of concern. Primary value depends on face-to-face advice, and on follow-up work or visits in countries of concern to help the client navigate and thrive in both the current as well as in future environments. Modus World LLC has its main offices in Washington D.C., Brussels and Tokyo


Fox News is a conservative TV station, huh.

Guess Kirsten Powers, the late Alan Colmes :(; Richard Fowler, Bob Beckel, Evan Bayh, Ebony Williams and Dennis Kucinich didn’t get the memo.



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