Foxnews dominates ratings again

Cable news race thurs. Oct. 4, 2012

foxnews o’reilly 4,280,000 foxnews hannity 3,908,000 foxnews greta 3,248,000 foxnews baier 2,243,000 foxnews the five 2,310,000 foxnews shep 2,243,000 cmdy daily show 1,841,000 cmdy colbert 1,456,000 msnbc maddow 1,286,000 msnbc o’donnell 1,193,000 msnbc hardball 1,109,000 msnbc sharpton 1,044,000 cnn cooper 645,000 cnn blitzer 624,000 cnn piers 598,000

The top five are FoxNews, could it be that FoxNews is what?:confused::thumbsup::thumbsup:

??? Not sure what u mean.

“hannity 3,908,000”

Now that is disturbing

Yes a Catholic has big-time ratings…Shocking! :eek:

I can just see what Liberals are doing now.


If they had a ratings box on my set it would not register Fox very often. I prefer CNN for news since I think MSNBC is too far left, and FOX too far right.

But sometimes I watch right and left and try to decide for myself.

And an ego the size of Texas.

I’m not sure why FoxNews has the five top rated news shows. Maybe because it is fair and has even some that lean more to the left then the right. :):p:)

Hannity is one of the many people that I’m not thrilled that they share many of my beliefs.

I like how Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert’s shows are listed in this line-up of punditry and news commentators.

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